“You know what’s the rage this year? …Hats.”

shweta kapur designer

Hi Everyone,:)

How have you all been? :) Nothing exciting this week except that 9 pm is booked for Bigg Boss these days.I am still on the verge of starting to enjoy the show. But as always I know I’d get through it -love it or hate it. :P

I watched Khoobsurat this week and it was a really fun movie. Totally loved Sonam Kapoor’s styling and makeup in the movie.It was super happy and colorful. Fawad Khan was a hottie and Kirron Kher was just cherry on the top. “Monjuuuu I love youuuu”. :D

At home I watched Olympus has fallen - good one. And Flicka – a beautiful movie about the Mustangs.

Do you love the Graffiti wall behind me in the pics? We were getting tired of hunting for a location for this outfit and suddenly we saw this. And that was it! The photoshoot got wrapped up in like 10 minutes. :D I absolutely love this skirt by Shweta. It makes me look 5 kgs lighter. hihih.. Considering the number of pieces I have from her collections, I can make a mini Shweta Kapur wardrobe at home now. :P You should totally check out her sporty chic stuff. You’d love it.:) You can read more about the outfit HERE.

Oh! is anyone else also obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lip colors? I am. Back to 90s, baby! ;)

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It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!



Hi Everyone, :)

How have you all been? :) While my laptop was getting fixed, I sneaked out of the city with my parents and mum-in-law for two days. We went to Mathura and Vrindavan. I have to add that it was one of the awesomest trip I have had. I mean I absolutely LOVE travelling with Sanjeev but with parents, I became a 5 year old pampered kid. It was nice that I was also taking care of them in my own way such as preparing morning tea in the room for three of them or making sure that they were totally comfortable through out. I couldn’t resist having a mini fight with mom. haha! How much I miss her. :D All three of them trying to feed me because they think I have become very thin. hihihi . I mean I can go on and on. But being with parents is a blessing and I just couldn’t be more thankful I got to experience this time.

I stayed in hostel for years and then I got married. So it has always been on and off spending time at home. But this trip was fulfilling for all of us. My mum-in-law spending tons of time with my mom. Me and dad having our own time together. It was beyond brilliant. Sharing some wonderful memories I have of the trip. :) Oh! we stayed at the Nidhivan Hotel in Vrindavan. If you happen to go there, definitley check it out.

We also did this super cool project with Central. You can read more about it HERE. I hope you enjoy watching the video and listening to my rants. :D

Have a suuupper weekend all of you. Mwwwwaaahhh!!!


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“When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back.”

black bodice outfit


Hi Everyone, :)

How have you all been? :) My tech karma has gone bonkers. Earlier our home theatre conked out. We got that fixed.Now my laptop has ended up at service centre for days to come. So now I am working on my first MACbook I purchased (the white one that they don’t make anymore). I noticed the IMBB files back from 2011 and I was so overwhelmed seeing the old pics. :)

Anyway, since the home theatre is fixed now. Sanjeev and I went and purchased some 40 DVDs. We have been watching one movie every single night. Here’s the list .

  • Chocolat : Warning- don’t watch it empty stomach. :D It was yummy, heartfelt and soo nice. I mean you can’t go wrong with a movie that has a ton of chocolate involved in it. Can you? ;)
  • Finding Neverland : It is totally a big screen movie but we watched it at home and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for long. Sooo soooo beautiful. Peter Pan fans? Watch it! :)
  • Mary Kom : Watched it at the theatre. BRILLIANT. Huge respect to Priyanka Chopra for playing the great life of Mary Kom so well. She was just so right for the role.
  • Lone Ranger : Okay Dokey…
  • The Book Thief : A brilliant movie. I am short of words to describe how goood this movie was. It is based in Germany during the time of World War II.
  • Drinking Buddies : Rubbish. Don’t bother. :P
  • Transcendence : I watched this movie during the flight. Sanjeev watched it at home. It’s a psycho movie. Both of us ended up feeling weird after watching it. :P Why Johnny Depp? Why? :P

I also spent some really good me time at Taj, Vivanta last week. What used to be Claridges at Surajkund is Vivanta now. Totally visit it. :)

I also got invited to the opening of Smokehouse Deli at DLF Place Saket yesterday. You must totally visit it. It’s like a vintage English tea room and your old smokehouse combined in one. It’s right across F21 on first floor. I can’t wait to have conversations over tea and cakes soon. :)

How has your week been? :) I am going out for two days with my parents. It’s been long I have had any trip with them. So I am looking forward to that.. :) At IMBB, I am just enjoying my crazy review phase. There are sooo many to come and I suddenly feel I don’t have enough time. hahha!!

Have a great week and weekend all of you. Loadss of love and please recommend some more movies for us to watch. Thankkkk you. :-* Continue reading

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Hello, September!

cos skirt

Hi Everyone, :)

Have have you all been? :) I went through a major holiday hangover to an extent that I did not step out of the house for a whole week after coming back. :P I also went through a major IMBB withdrawal symptom. :P I was like glued to it for hours at a stretch without blinking my eyes. hahaha! So now I am back to being normal, working, meeting my friends, stepping out and would get back to shopping as well. :D

I seriously can’t wait for winters to come. I am already adding layers to my day to day looks. For this outfit added a cotton scarf. I went out with Sakshi to Social Offline in Hauz Khas Village. We had the the craziest time there. :D I wore a polo neck tee with a leather vest on top. All Black. Are you also waiting for winters? :))

How was your weekend? :)

And Happy September to all of you!!! Have a great week ahead. Mwwwahhh!! :-* Continue reading

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How to Plan a Europe Trip- Italy and France

How to Plan a Europe trip

When we were going to Turkey, there was a lady sitting beside us in the flight. She had a connecting flight to Europe from Istanbul. When we generally queried her where all she was going to Europe, we discovered she had taken a package where she was covering 9 countries in 11 days. 9 countries in 11 days! We were really horrified to think whether it was a vacation or a marathon. But such are holiday packages. And if you are one of those who are going to Europe for a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, by all means book a package and cover as many countries as you can. But if you want to have a relaxing holiday, get the feel of the place, do a good amount of sight seeing, and really enjoy Europe, then read this post. :)

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