27 Ways to Style Button Down Shirts

Hi Everyone, :)

As the summer is approaching, button down shirts would become second skin for most of us. I thought it would just be right to see how extensively these can be styled. Hope you like the post.

Have a suuupper weekend all of you. :-*

1. An oversized button down, half tucked in for that easy boho vibe. Love.

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Denim Tales

denims fashion 2015

Hi Everyone, :)

How has your weekend been? Mine has been good except that I got a mini viral. Everyone around me was falling ill so I toh had to. :P But it’s fine now. :)

Other than that Sanjeev and I watched a movie called Whiplash. Bloody Good. Go watch it. Want to watch Badlapur this week. Everyone is praising it.

Okay now to the outfit. I am a firm believer that finding a perfect pair of jeans is a pain. BUT. When you find it, you should collect money from all your piggy banks and buy THAT one pair. I mean, no kidding. :D I found this pair at Zara a few days back only and I had to totally flaunt it. :P I have already imagined that I am going to wear it atleast 50 times. hihihih. I paired it with a classic white tee and a flowy cardigan. I also added this super fringe rope belt around my waist just for fun. Isn’t it a nice break from your regular belts? :)  Some silver junk neckpiece and random rings finished off the look. I had to add color though my shoes. Voila!

Btw during the wedding, I made my messy bun and my mum was asking me how I made it without any hair pins and all. I preened and told her, ‘ please check my tutorial on IMBB.” She got a little annoyed with me. loll!!

Have a suuuupppperr week ahead all of you. And tell me about your weekend okay!! I love you. :-*

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26 Ways to Style Prints

Hi Everyone, :)

How has your week been so far? Mine has been FANTASTIC to say the least. I had a ton of family time at my cousin’s wedding – dancing, screaming, meeting and greeting. :D We also got to celebrate our Anniversary with all our near and dear ones. Still recovering from all the tiredness but it was just an amazing trip! :) I posted some pics on Facebook and Instagram, in case you want to check them out. :)

Anyhoo, today’s post is all about those beautiful prints and different ways to style them. I personally am not a big prints girl but I do have to agree that they are a lot of fun.:)

Let’s see. :)

1. Mix a statement(y) printed skirt with an understated printed top from a same color family. Bring the whole look together with neutral accessosries.

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Will Dream Until the Colors Fade



Hi Everyone, :)

How was your week? Mine was quite fantastic if I see it overall. :) For Valentine’s day we made a plan to go watch roy. Even booked tickets for it. And then came such pathetic reviews that we decided to skip the movie and rather head out for dinner. :P No wonder Ranbir Kapoor did not promote it even once. hihih

Regarding the outfit, I wore so much black in past few months that I decided to go all out with colors for this outfit. :D I stuck to the minimal style and went sans jewellery. It was all about the color and some more color from my shoes.

Have a fannntastic week ahead. I am looking forward to Sanjeev’s and mine Anniversary tomorrow. :)

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Love for Clutches

flat lays

Hi Everyone, :)

How has your week been so far? I am losing track of all the hug day, rose day etc of the month. They used to be at the back of my hand during college days. Damn! The other day a lovely reader wished me Rose day on Instagram. I was like awww!! *teary-eyes*

Anyhoo, I thought I’d change up my Thursday post a bit and share something personal with y’ll. :)

I love these little zip pouches. I am a bag addict…surprise! :D But some days I just want to carry these little zip pouches with me. I keep collecting them in various sizes. I’d have to agree that these are a little messy on the inside. The other day I had to pay for the coffee and I had to struggle taking out money amidst the plethora of receipts, my 5 lipsticks, mint box and sunglasses. :D So now I need a perfect mini pouch for money as well. Sigh!

The ones with slings are perfect travel partners. Aha!

I find them so cute. A perfect mid-solution between your big bags and minaudière(the one that refuses to fit more than one lipstick:P). Also I like how these are neither too casual nor too formal so they fit well with a lot of outfits. Glitter ones are the prettiest! :D

Do you like these kind of clutches? :)

Have a suuupperr Valentines’ day all of you. Any special plans? I would love to know so that I can copy something from your ideas. I am so lame… Anyhoo.:P

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