Cherishing Little Moments

george v paris

Hi Everyone, :)

Sharing new set of photos we clicked during our stay at Four Seasons in Paris. Since the hotel was so beautiful, we decided to take advantage of the place. :) I wore this lace dress for a dinner one of the evenings during our stay there.

And some more random clicks I took while hopping around during our stay there.

Hope you enjoy the post.

Loads of love.  Have an aweeesome time during Rakhi with your loved ones. Talk to you very soon. :) Continue reading

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In Love with Paris


Hi Everyone, :)

This is my first post from Paris. We have been here for the third time in past one year (check previous Paris posts HERE) and we can’t get enough of it. 😀

We did a short trip to Europe this time and honestly I was more than happy to come back home. As much as I love travelling, I love to come back home. I have to see the faces of people I love. I have to talk to my family over useless things. I need to meet my friends and I NEED to get back on IMBB. Plus, my bed, my gym, my select city walk…you know. :)) In my case, home is where my heart is. My mom once said “you travel the whole world but you leave your heart behind.” hihi. Anyhoo, it’s good to be back home and I can’t wait to share the outfit photos we shot there.

Since we have been to Paris a few times now, we are getting more and more relaxed with the city. Our stays are less as tourists now and more as the people who belong to the city.Both of us really enjoy Paris as a city so now we do things at our own pace. We go back to the places we love. We are not running around trying to see everything that city holds. Because we know we’d be going back there again and again. :)

The outfit was easy breezy for spending an evening at Eiffel Tower. And you know my obsession with scarves. I had to tie one around my neck! :)

Sanjeev decided to take a break from photography so what you see in this post are the random imperfect shots that I clicked from my iphone. 😀 You can see Paris through my eyes this one time. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Talk to you soon and love you a tonnn!! :) Mwaaahhh!!  Continue reading

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The Dreamy Brugge, Belgium



Hi Everyone, :)

We spent 4 days in a little town called Brugge in Belgium. One could literally put it in their fairytale book. It’s so cute with little houses, colorful door, dreamiest balconies, loveliest canals, the bridges. You think of Alice in Wonderland, this is the wonderland. 😀 And food. OMG! the food. My gym people might just fire me from their gym when I go back. loll!!

We explored the city on foot and on buggy ride. You stop for coffee, take a little walk, click photos, sit by the canal and just enjoy the views. There are pubs that are as old as 15th century and still hold the original interiors. A little country side where you could enjoy a glass of wine… I mean I could go on and on. I really wasn’t expecting Belgium to be this beautiful. It is probably one of the prettiest places we have ever visited and I couldn’t be happier that I got to celebrate my birthday here. :)

Sharing some of the pics from our stay in Brugge. We also went to Gent for a day. I hope you enjoy the photos. Well, outfits. I am having a bit of a moment with the little scarves.

Talk to you veryyyyy soon. I love you. :-* Continue reading

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Brussels, Belgium


Hi Everyone, :)

Sanjeev and I are back in Europe again. 😛 We can’t help it. We are addicted and we are not even sorry about it. 😛

The first stop was Brussels, Belgium. Honestly, if I could sum up this city in one word, it would be food; crazily yummy and fattening FOOD. 😛 Fries, waffles, chocolates, beer, toffees. The streets smell of waffles and chocolates. No kidding. The sweet warm smell of crepes and waffles is enough to put you in food coma. They are going to have a flower festival from 13-15th of August but we left a day early. The whole city was already decorated with flowers everywhere. The sight is so pretty. It could make the saddest soul happy.

We stayed at Hotel Amigo, which is amazingly located in the downtown. The staff was very warm and friendly. The food was good. The rooms were comfortable. If you are visiting Brussels, I’d highly recommend it. :)

We are in Brugge/ Bruges now. It is a fairyland. More on that later. Right now I am leaving you with some of the magical pics that Sanjeev clicked. I saw the pics and I told him ‘ you make places look more beautiful than they really are.” But you know I am biased and I am in love with him. 😀 You decide for yourself. See you very soon with my next post. I love you. :-*

And you know what… it’s my birthday tomorrow. I miss the people I love but I am more than grateful for this magical life Sanjeev and I have together. :)

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See ya! Mwwwahhh! :-*  Continue reading

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Gili LankanFushi, Maldives : Destination Dinner, Sunset Sailing, World’s Biggest Overwater Villa


Hi Everyone, :)

This my final post from a dream called, Maldives. :)

After some morning ocean swims, I pushed my lazy bum to get got ready to visit the biggest overwater villa in the world. Our Mr Friday took us around. It was HUGE with many bedrooms, lounge areas, dining areas, bathing areas, cinema area, gym, water slides, walking closets, …you name it and it had it. It made our huge Crusoe residence look small. loll! It’s great for families but sometimes couples also come and stay there. You have to see the pics below. 😀

Later in the evening we did the sunset sailing in a gorgeous wooden boat sipping glasses of champagnes and watching the sun go down. Truly romantic.

Gili LankanFushi hosted a gorgeous destination dinner for Sanjeev and me at their ‘One Palm Island’. We had our private chef and a butler at our service. There was only sound of the waves for the music and a canopy of stars for the magic. Just the two of us – our secret talks and yummy food. It was special and we’d never forget it. :)

Maldives was a dream come true. I don’t know how will we like any other destination ever again. But it was such a pleasure that we couldn’t be more grateful that we got to experience this piece of paradise together.

So..until next time is all I can say.

And you guys, I love you. Thank you for being a part of this magical experience. I realllly hope with all my heart that each one of you also get to experience this heaven on earth. :)

Leaving you with some stunning pics that Sanjeev clicked! :))

Some travel Information for your help :

Flight : We had a Delhi-> Columbo 3.5 hour flight and a connecting flight from Columbo to Maldives (1 hour). Same was the way back.

Visa : On Arrival. The airport authorities would give you a form, you would just have to fill that up.

Things to Do in Maldives : Snorkelling, Kayaking, Destination dinner (if your budget allows), lazy time at the beach / in ocean, sunset sailing, dolphins watching, sunrise and sunsets, beach sports such as parasailing, water boars etc (if you prefer). And most important, spend a LOT of time together. Don’t get too caught up in doing all the activities. Do some, leave some but make time for love. :)

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