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anita dongre palazzos

Hi Everyone, :)

I am sharing an outfit with you that I wore during our trip to Perth. I just wore with lovely Palazzo and a embroidered crop top from Anita Dongre for the day trip to walk around the city and shopping. Some women came up and complimented me but one of them asked me ‘what’s the occasion?”. And I said “Nothing. I just like to dress up. :))” In fact I feel I dress up the most on days when I am not feeling well or the days when I am feeling low. Dressing up just lifts up my mood and it lifts up mood of everyone else around me as well. :) I just enjoy the whole process.

How about you? Do you dress up occasionally or do you have to make an effort at dressing up?

Have a great weekend all of you. :-*  Continue reading

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Must Do Things in Perth, Australia

perth outfits

Hi Everyone, :)

Finally got around to posting pics from our Perth Trip. I went into a bit of IMBB Withdrawal Symptom so got into a little IMBB obsessive mode. 😀 As much as I love travelling I also love my job. :)

Anyhoo, we stayed in Perth for 3 days. After a mad buzz from Melbourne and Sydney, Perth’s quietness was very welcoming. It is very scarcely populated place. Sometimes when i come back to India from my trips abroad, I go into population shock. Well, in Perth as well I went into population shock..there were so less people. loll!!

We stayed at Como The Treasury. It is a gorgeous hotel housed in a 140 year old State Building. It goes high on our recommendation list. Our room was literally goals. The bathroom with bathtub put right to the windows and a little balcony view St George’s Cathedral view were the sweetest things to experience everyday. It was very well located. We experienced some of the world class restaurants in the State Building itself The Post with its gorgeous courtyard setting for breakfast, The Petition Kitchen for Sanjeev’s special dinner and Long Chim with that insane art work for Asian food. It was an insane and most amazing food trip we have experienced.

We did not do much in Perth as far as sight seeing goes because one I wanted to shop and second we just wanted to spend some time experiencing the city on foot. It was amazing. I’d suggest that you go to Perth only if you are looking for some quiet time relaxing and enjoying slow life. We also spent a lovely evening with Upasana and her husband who came to meet us there. They really made our trip so happy and fun. Wish we’d remembered to click a pic together. But you know who they say your best times are the ones when you actually forget to take photos. :)

Overall, in all honestly Perth was a little snoozy for us. The weather wasn’t great first but after experiencing the uber excitement at all the places in Australia, this was a good wrap- lazy, laid back and time-to-go home kinda vibes. If you are visiting Australia just once, Perth can really be skipped unless you really want to have some real quiet time.

Since we did not have the camera most of these are phone pics but I still hope you enjoy the post. :)

Here is a cheat sheet of things to do in Perth :

  • Definitley dine at one of the restaurants at the State Building. These are expensive restaurants but they are so worth dining at.
  • Perth has a gorgeous zoo where you can play with koalas and Kangaroos.
  • Swan Valley is a gorgeous half day wine tour experience. You can visit the vineyards, experience some lovely wines and have a lovely lunch.
  • King’s Park is a huge park where either you can go in morning to get your fitness kick or sometimes around the day for picnic or something. They also have a lovely cafe inside there. The views of the city and the whole walk among the trees was breathtaking.
  • King’s Street : It’s a luxury shopping street but did not have any major known brands except Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I bought my Gucci bag from there. The only benefit was that they had amazing collection and the kinds that might even be sold out at some of the major cities. 😀
  • If the weather allows you a day trip to Penguin Island would be worth a visit. It’s a small ferry ride from Perth. Ask you hotel on how to get there.
  • We really wanted to do Rottnest Island but the weather was not in our favour. On a lovely sunny day you could bike around there, take a dip in the ocean and spend some lazy time around. This also you can reach via ferry.
  • London Court was the cutest shopping area we have come across. Check pics below. :)

Thank you for being part of our travels. As much as we do these trips for us, it only makes it 10 fold awesome when we get to share it with you all. Until next time..and very soon! :)

Loooads of love! :) #IMBBwasHERE

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Must do Things in Cairns, Australia – Great Barrier Reef, Hartleys Crocodile Adventures, Sky Rail



Hi Everyone, :)

We spent 4 days in Cairns after spending some lazy days in Gold Coast. It was a mixed trip for us personally. Our camera died again after it started working for a while so most of the pics you see in this post are i-phone photos. And second, someone stole my new pair of sunglasses on the boat during our trip to Great Barrier Reef.

But other than that if you are travelling to Australia, Cairns should be on your must visit place. The place has very Kerala vibes to it but there are so many unique things to do. Our friends helped us a bit with the itinerary for this trip so that was brilliant. So here is your list of must do things in Cairns and what all we did.

  • We stayed at Alamanda Cove,which again is a gorgeous apartment style hotel and the only hotel that is located right on the beach. I’d highly recommend it. The staff was brilliant and very helpful. It is located in the Palm Cove area. It is an amazing hotel with gorgeous swimming pools, perfect location and stunning apartments but there are a lot of other hotels as well that you can pick on the Palm Cove. That area is unlike any area that is out there. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The ocean, the palm trees, the weddings on the beach, the sky, the sunsets, the gorgeous restaurants and gelatos.. it was perfection.
  • Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon : We could not get in the ocean because there were jelly fish in the sea. So they have gorgeous huge swimming pool area, which they have given a feel of ocean complete with white sand. It is such a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon just taking dips in the pool and then lying on the grass later on. Oh! can do it all over again.
  • Kuranda Scenic Railway and a visit to Kuranda Village: Honestly it was a a very slow and not very scenic ride. 😐 But it is a part of their history. Can be skipped really. And Kuranda Village is just actually a shopping arcade where you can buy things made by aboriginals..but you can never be sure. Love the mango smoothies there. 😀
  • The Sky Rail Rainforest Cableway: OMG! a must do. The scariest and most adventurous cable car ride we have done. It is a long ride with 2 stops in between. We just took a one stop and rest of the time we were hanging up riding on a cable car. I don’t even know how many times I would have told Sanjeev how much I love him just in case I die during that crazy ride. 😛 😛
  • Hartleys Crocodile Adventures : One heck of a scary thing to see but you cannot not do it if you are visiting Australia. They take you inside the quiet spooky marshes of crocodiles on a boat, tell you about crocodiles living there, do snake & croc shows and OMG! you could hug a koala there. The most epic thing was hugging that cute little koala. his name was Pasta and he literally just clung on to me. I wanted to bring it home. 😀
  • Great Barrier Reef : Of course. You CANNOT come back from Australia without doing the GBF. We were a bit unlucky during this trip. It is a day long trip where they take you on a cruise and do diving or snorkelling. The day we did this trip the sea was so rough that it was really difficult to swim. We signed up for diving but later chose to do snorkeling.  Snorkeling was absolutely gorgeous and a fun thing to do. As rough as the ocean was on the top, it was the most magical and stunning at the bottom. It’s almost a miracle you are seeing with your eyes. For a second you wouldn’t even believe that something like this exists. We also did a helicopter ride above the great barrier reef- no words.

Some tips for doing great barrier reef.

  • If you are not a very good swimmer it is best to do snorkeling than diving. Plus always go by your instinct on how you feel at that moment. They may not refund you the diving money but your life is more precious than anything. The same evening we got to hear about someone passing away because some issue occurred in her oxygen tank. :(
  • Choose to go to the ‘Outer Reef.’ Some cruises take you only till the inner reed and the scenery is not so great.
  • Taking a sea sickness tablet prior to sailing is always a good idea.
  • It is a good idea to wear your bikini inside your clothes. they have changing rooms but it would save you from the hassle.
  • Don’t carry anything expensive because they really don’t have any lockers on the ship and anyone can come and sit on your seat.
  • Carry your own towels.
  • Wear something short and something that you can easily take off. If you are not comfortable wearing bikini, they also have wet suits that cover you from top to bottom so no worries. Still wear a swimsuit inside not your regular under garments. 😀

You can book all the activities from your hotel desk. They always have nice tour options that cover many activities in a day. You can pick and choose things according to your convenience and budget. :) Also keep sometime to relax and enjoy the gorgeousness that Cairns has to offer. It took me long to put this post up because there were just too many photos to share. Also don’t forget to watch the little video. :)

I would be back in a few days to show the very gorgeous Perth with you all. Looooods of love! Mwwaaah!! Continue reading

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Gold Coast, Australia


Hi Everyone, :)

After rather crazy exciting time at Sydney and Melbourne we headed to Gold Coast in Australia. We were there for a little more than 2 days and we decided to do NOTHING. seriously and we did that. The everyday routine was – wake up, walk in a little lane near our hotel, pick a cutie restaurant for breakfast, come back to the hotel, pack for the beach, soak in the sun, take a dip in the ocean, pick some lunch on way back, get ready for evening, go out for drinks and depending on our mood have dinner outside or do a takeaway. 😛 We did not even roam around much because we were way too dedicated to the sun, sand and the sea. 😀

This was a mixed bag of 2 days. Let me finish off with the bad first.

First our camera stopped working so the pics you see in this post are a mix of my iphone photos and camera photos (until it was working).

We stayed at the Pepper’s Hotel at Broad Beach. It was a gorgeous all white apartment style hotel. I had ever stayed in a hotel like it. It was a home away from home. Plus the location was spot on. It was minutes walking from the beach, shopping areas and restaurants. There are a lot of issues with this. You’d think it is right ‘on’ the beach ( the way it is marketed), it is not. The photos on their site are kind of misleading. There were other sea facing properties that you can pick that would give you a view of ocean when you wake up. The staff was so laid-back. They’d call it a day at 4:30-4:45 and then you’d have to rely on one attendant who is looking after some 100 rooms. The housekeeping was also not good. They’d leave the dishes in dishwasher and expect you to use them from there itself. We had an early morning flight, there was no one to take our luggage downstairs..and this is a luxury property. I could really go on with a lot of other small issues as well. Would not recommend it.

Now the good. We had the most amazing and relaxing time here. After travelling the world so much, Sanjeev and I had a single opinion about the Goa beaches- they are the best. But Gold Coast beaches are the ones that would give some real competition to our Goa beaches. They were huge- I mean you look left or right all youd’ see is the infinite sky and ocean. Plus the water was such that you could have some real fun with the waves. Infact all the beaches that we have been to so far in Australia have been real kickass. So it was a mixed bag of a mini trip to Gold Coast but I only have happy warm memories of the place. I would go back any day to relax and refresh myself in this cute little town.

I hope you enjoy the photos of whatever we could captures during this short trip in our photos!

Wait for some real crazy excitement in our next post from Cairns! :)

See you very soon. love you. :-* Continue reading

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Must Do Things in Sydney : Koalas at Featherdale Zoo, Blue Mountain, River Cruise


Hi Everyone, :)

I barely got time to share anything on social media for the past 2 days we spent in Sydney. So here’s is the whole dose of what all we did. The trip is moving faster than I am able to blog. Anyway, let me take you around. :)

We spent some time moving around the city. i wore this easy khaki dress. it’s like a mini kaftaan with big armholes, very roomy and perfect for travelling esp when you have to eat at all the yummy bakeries that are out there. 😛

We did a full day tour to the blue mountains  , Featherdale wildlife park and finished off with a gorgeous river cruise. It was a gorgeous day, a bit cold but later the day cleared out and we got to spend a lovely time around. That’s how the day went.

  • We made a stop at katoomba echo point for coffee and basically echo. 😀
  • Then drove up to the blue mountain where we experienced a super steep crazy train ride down the mountain.
  • Then we did a bit of a hike. You can choose to do longer ones but we had limited time.
  • Then we took a cable car up to the mountain.
  • Made a pit stop for lunch at a gorgeous little village called Leura. It was almost like a fairytale town with little cafes, gorgoues tress, autumn leaves..dreamy at its best.
  • Then we went to the Featherdale Zoo. OMGG Koalas!! You’d die of their cuteness. 😛
  • Then we were dropped at a point for a river cruise. BEST THING EVER!

It looks like a lot of things in one day but I felt we had sufficient time to do everything. Just ask your hotel desk for a blue mountain tour. We did the tour via AAT Kings both in Melbourne and Sydney. Highly recommend them.

The next morning before the flight we spent some time lazying around taking walks near the Sydney Harbour, stopping for a coffee and soaking in the last bit of this gorgeous city. OMG!! I can’t wait to come back here already. We seriously needed a few more days there. :)

But Sydney has been our favourite so far. It got madly hectic for us but we loved every single bit of it. The Four Seasons hotel, the experiences we gathered, the food, the people…. it was pure love! I hope you enjoy the photos and donnn’t forget to check out the video. :) . Talk to you soon! Loooadss of love.

Here’s your cheatsheet of must do things ins Sydney

  • Featherdale Zoo
  • River Cruise
  • Sydney Bridge climb
  • Drinks by the Sydney harbour and def photos with Sydney Opera House in the background. :)
  • Spend some time at the Bondi beach. Take a dip at Bondi Icebergs
  • If your health permits you, take some gorgeous walks. We did Coogee to Bondi.
  • Shopping at Queen Victoria’s
  • Darling Harbour is worth visiting any day. They do fireworks every Saturday night.
  • Waverly Cemetery. a hard to believe view.
  • Have gelatos by the Sydney harbour.
  • Walk around. It’s stunning! Stop by for coffee every now and then. :)

Let me know if you need any more info. :) Continue reading

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