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ka sha karishma shahni dress

Hi Everyone, :)

How is the New Year treating you? Mine has been a bit of mix with some saddening news coming from friends to the excitements of new highs we want to achieve for IMBB. And it has been an extremely busy a good way.

Since the start of the year, I don’t know what got on to me but I got into a major decluttering mode. The first attack was obviously my wardrobe. I got rid of every single piece of clothing that I haven’t worn in past 6 months, that did not fit me and that I bought and never wore. I donated all of it (even shoes and bags) and it only felt like I’d achieved Nirvana.:P So I have decided to slowly rebuild my wardrobe and only include pieces that I really love. And of course document it here on Faux Pas.

It feels a bit scary for someone who had an overflowing closet to trying to become someone who has a minimal wardrobe but a quality one. I HATE shopping bans so nothing of that is happening but I have decided not to do impulse shopping. So if I am not 100% sure of something, it is not finding place in my wardrobe.

I am not quite sure how it is going to go. But I’d share my journey with you all. The first one is this dress from Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani. The deal breaker for this dress for me was the back…those bows are so dreamy. I wore this for lunch today.

I would love to know your wardrobe rules in comments below! I will see you all very soon. Mwaaaahhh!!! Continue reading

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How to Plan Your Trip and Must Do Things in St Petersberg


Hi Everyone, :)

This is my last post from our Russia winter trip. I wore this dress for a New year party at our hotel, Four Seasons. It was an absolutely great stay and a fantastic trip. We saw the frozen rivers, soaked sun on our snow covered balcony , walked in the snowfall and tumbled on the snow. It was one heck of a daring and a spine chilling experience. If you ask us if we’d do it all over again, may be not. Both of us are summer people. We crib in Delhi winters only, this is was an experience that is worth telling stories about. 😀 It is the prettiest winters we have ever seen and looking back ‘-16 degrees’ only feels like a dream.

But I can’t wait to go back to see St Petersburg in summers and its famous White Nights.

How To Plan  and must do things:

    • We took a flight from Moscow to St petersburg. It was a 1.5 hour Aerofloat flight. Pretty good.
    • Definitley look for temperature and pack accordingly.
    • Plan for atleast 5+ days. St Petersburg is huggggeee and totally worth spending time at.
    • Had language problems but still manageable.
    • Food was never an issue despite me being a vegetarian.
    • Be prepared to spend a lot of money. Russia turned out to be one of the most expensive trips we have ever done. Everything you buy there would be marked up 20-30% as compared to many other places in the world esp Europe.
    • Definitley try Russian blinis, Russian vodka, black bread, caviar (if you are a non vege).
    • If you are travelling in winters, load up on your carbs. Food is the only thing that would prevent you from falling ill and you’d enjoy the winters more. Really leave your dieting behind.
    • I found Moscow more fashionable that St Petersberg. But really you can dress up to your heart’s content without any hesitation.
    • Would highly recommend our Hotel Four Seasons. Both the location and the hotel itself were fantabulous.

    Must Visit Places 

      • Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood
      • State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace + a night lights show
      • Grand Palace
      • Nevsky Prospekt
      • Peter and Paul Fortress
      • Mariinsky Theatre
      • Catherine Palace
      • Tsum for high end luxury shopping
      • Galleria for high street shopping

      Can’t wait to show your my Russian makeup haul on IMBB in a few days. See you all very soon with another adventure. Love you a tonnn!!!! Continue reading

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      The Hermitage Museum & Peter and Paul Fortress, St PetersBurg


      Hi Everyone, :)

      I hope you enjoyed our first post from St Petersburg. This is a collection of photos we clicked during our visit to the Grand Hermitage Museum and Peter & Paul Fortress. Both the places were laden with snow. The Hermitage Museum was sooooo big, it is nearly impossible to see all of it in many visits too. It reminded us of the Vatican in Italy. Around later afternoon we visited the beautiful Peter and Paul Fortress and just caught on the gorgeous beauty of the place. Not to mention it was spine chilling cold to an extent that sometimes our fingers started paining while clicking the photos. But now looking back at the pics, it only looks like a dream. :)

      I hope you enjoy these gorgeous clicks Sanjeev captured through his lens. :) I can’t wait to show you the final post already. Lovee you a ton and I hope you are enjoying the 2016 already. mwwwwaaahhh!!! Continue reading

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      St Petersberg, Russia



      Hi Everyone, :)

      From Moscow we took around 1.5 hours flight to St Petersberg. While Moscow was all full-of-buzz and happening, St Peterburg turned out to be a gorgeous destination with a lot of history. And it was sooooo beautiful that I have no words. The first view of the city was the parks laden with fresh snow. We stayed at gorgeous Four Seasons, St Petersbug. We had a terrace room with a little balcony overlooking the city and there was snow there as well. It felt like  a little fairytale wonderland. :) The hotel was decorated in a festive mood so I got in a mood to dress up a little glam. I wore this crochet black dress with this gorgeous cashmere and fur coat. I picked up everything from Moscow. Felt both glam and cozy at the same time. :)

      The first two days we mostly chilled out taking stroll in the snowy parks. We went to see the Church of the Saviour on Blood. Apart from the gorgeousness of the church, the area around it was so beautiful. The canal was frozen, there were ducks swimming on whatever little water was left, there were wedding shoots happening, and it was dammmmnnn cold. 😀

      In the evening we went to see the famous light show that takes place every evening at the Hermitage. The building in front of the Hermitage turns into a backdrop for the light display. People gather there with their families, have fun and dance to the tunes of the lights and music. Very memorable. :)

      I hope you enjoy the photos. Two more posts to come. Can’t wait to share more with you all. Wish you all a verryy Happy New year once again! :)) Continue reading

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      Hey, 2015 :)

      can this dream go on forever!
      can this dream go on forever!

      As a last day of 2015, thinking of all the epic things and more this year has been.
      IMBB continued to grow with 3.8 million facebook fans, more than a crore page views a month, some 8 million monthly visitors. Did some creatively satisfying collabs, and got blessed with an epic shit IMBB team that I couldn’t ever be more thankful about. 😍😘 Created a Madam Gupshup platform for our IMBB readers! 😍 Reviewed more than 30,000 makeup and beauty products both Indian and International. Wouldn’t have been possible without all the brilliant writers associated with us.

      Travelled with Sanjeev to Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Budapest, Lisbon,Barcelona, Maldives, Brussels, Brugge, Paris, Koh Samui, Moscow and St Petersberg. Plus documented them all on Faux Pas!

      My brother got married and we gathered the most precious moments with our families.
      Stayed really fit this year.
      There have been ups and downs, agonies and ecstasies but it’s been one heck of a year. Feeling soooo happy and blessed for everything and everyone in my life. And a big thankkk you to you all as well for being around. What would we ever do without our readers. ❤😘 Enjoyyyy the last day of the year. Gather lots of love from your loved ones and spread happiiinesss. I looovveee you. Mwaaahh!!😍😘❤ Oh! I bought a Givenchy bag. Coughhh!!😛😍  Continue reading

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