Lisbon, Portugal + Must Do Things


Hi Everyone, :)

This is the last post from our recent Europe Trip. Lisbon came in last after Greece, Budapest, Amsterdam and Barcelona.We were quite tired so we took all the chilled out time we could get during our Lisbon stay. We walked around the neighbourhood eating sweets at ancient bakeries, spent time at the beach and got to see the gorgeous view of the city from a castle located very high up.

We stayed at the Hotel Avenida Palace in Lisbon. It was a gorgeous old world kind of a hotel. EXCEPT. All the guests, and the staff were also oldies golides. :D The first day during breakfast we were the only young couple. The next day another added. You almost felt bad that a 60 year old gentleman is bringing tea for your room service. There were absolutely no complaints about the quality of services they offered. But it was something that I thought I could mention. We had a great stay there overall. :)

I mostly wore super comfy clothes. A red dress from Mango pretty much as a coverup for the beach and for visiting the Jeronimos Monastery. One day I slipped into these really cool high waisted chinos from Cos and finished off with white accents. And the last day it was again cosy in my denims, a checked shirt and my leather jacket (tied around the waist) in case it got chilly.

Leaving you with tons of photographs and your cheat sheet for Lisbon. Lisbon has the most gorgeous sky I have ever seen. It was a like a new painting after every few miles. I can’t wait to go back to both Amsterdam and Lisbon. They have added to my favourite cities in the world. If we had more time, we would have stayed longer there. :)

Must Do things :

  • Definitley try the Lisbon sweets from their traditional bakeries.
  • Lisbon is full of Indian restaurants. Food would barely we an issue for you there. We liked the Gandhi Palace. You could even do a food tour, if you fancy. :)
  • Walk the streets of Lisbon, especially in Alfama. They are gorgeous. Especially the walk down from castle to the town is just charming to say the least. There are also options for walking tours. Ask your hotel about it.
  • You’d find the most amazing shopping in Lisbon. Both of high end and high street brands. If you have limited time to shop, just go to El Corte Mall. You’d get tired but your heart would be left longing for more. Amazing.
  • Definitley visit the beach. Most beaches are quite far off from Lisbon but they are gorgeous. We spent time at Praia Do Guincho. Some people also mentioned Algarve. We just went to whatever was closet to us and it was heavenly.
  • There are little things such as taking a tram that goes past the river. You could catch the gorgeous scenery or take a tram up to the castle. You could spend time by the river side in Lisbon.

Overall, Lisbon was such a good mix of an old world city and a big happening buzz. If I had to describe it in just one word, it would be ‘sweet’. :))

Thank you sooooo much for being a part of the trip. Both Sanjeev and I were always damn excited about sharing and showing what that all we were seeing. These trips would have never been as exciting if it weren’t for you all. So thanks a ton. Until next time… very soon! :) Loooooodsss of love. :-*  Continue reading

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Barcelona, Spain + Must Do Things in Barcelona


Here’s my final post from Barcelona, Spain. Sanjeev and I had a dinner with a reader and her husband in on our last evening there. It was quite nice to meet someone all the way midway in the world. :))

The last two days we spent hopping around the city catching up on Park Guell, Camp Nou, the National Museum and then finally spending a long evening at the Barceloneta Beach.

Camp Nou became a rather emotional journey for both of us even though we are not a football fan. Reading the stories about the players, looking at the medals, and seeing the photographs – it gave us goosebumps. It has become a dream now to come back to Camp Nou to watch a live match. Can’t wait for that. :)

We found the weather of Spain to be absolutely gorgeous. It’s pretty much how Indian weather is in March/ April – quite comforting and warm. I mean coming from the freezing Amsterdam, it felt like a relief. Plus we got to enjoy the beach so that was awesome. :)

I wore this lovely off shoulder crochet dress and frolicked around the city. :D The blue Chanel ‘Wallet on Chain’ is a new addition to my collection of bags. As I said, Barcelona had incredible shopping. We just ended up during holiday time so couldn’t shop much. But still, I scored quite an epic in one go itself. hihih

I hope you enjoyed the photos. :) We are in Lisbon at the moment,which apparently has become our second favourite place after Amsterdam. I can’t wait to share it with you all. :-* Leaving you with dozens of photos and your Barcelona cheat sheet. :)

See you sooooon!!! :)) Continue reading

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Barcelona, Spain : Casa Mila, Sagrada Familia, Picasso Museum

sagrada familia photos

Hi Everyone, :)

Here’s my first post from Spain Barcelona. We ended up in Spain during the long weekend time. Sunday and Labour’s we got into a bit lazy mood ourselves and moved a bit slow. Plus the travel fatigue is hitting us now even though the trip is not over yet. I also got super home sick one day and called up my mom then. After that I was okay. :P

Anyhoo, let me show you what all we did in these few days. We stayed at Hotel Alma, which was an epitome of minimalism to an extent that they don’t have a door in their bathroom. loll!! I mean it’s a shocker but you get used to it. But absooolutely gorgeous rooms that were filled with light and space. The staff was super helpful and the food was yum. The location was amazing. High on recommendation list. It was a unique experience.

Barcelona is a city of the architect Antoni Gaudi amongst many other things. There are a lot of masterpieces built by him spread across Barcelona. So we started with Casa Mila, or La Pedrera, that was just walking distance from our hotel. Spent a day eating tapas, gulping down sh*t load of Sangria, and walking around hand in hand doing nothing. :P

The next day we went to see another work of art by Gaudi- La Sagrada Familia. It was STUNNING to say the least. You are left awestruck seeing the thought and and the insane architecture there. Later we walked around the quaint streets near Picasso Museum. You are not allowed to take photos of Picasso’s work but we took our pics where we could.

Oh the orange dress. I bought it in Greece. Just decided to wear it during the day for sight seeing. A girl working at the exit of Picasso museum somehow found me on insta and complimented me in the comments. Sweet isn’t it? :)) HERE’s her comment. :)

I hope you enjoy the pics. I’d try to post the final part asap. Love youuuu. :-* Continue reading

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Amsterdam : Canal Cruise, Anne Frank’s House, Red Light District


Hi Everyone, :)

Sharing the last few moments we captured in Amsterdam. It was rather an emotional journey in a single day. We cruised through the stunning Amsterdam through its canals. It was so beautiful.We wanted to just keep sailing through the twists and turns of the canals. I had to wear a special outfit for the cruise right! :D I told Sanjeev that whenever we get married again, this is probably how I’d dress up. :P

We had to visit the legendary Anne Frank’s House and the Red Light Area of Amsterdam. The visit to Anne Frank’s House was such an emotional journey. It’s hard to believe that someone who lived closed behind the doors for two years lived with so much hope. She would continue to live forever…as she wanted. I bought her book to read it.

That evening we planned a trip to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. We went through a company with a group of people. It started raining heavily but it was one heck of a trip. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam so they treat these girls as ‘s*x workers’. It’s like any other job you do in the world. We went through the narrow alleys where the real girls were standing behind the windows in their most er*tic lingeries! There were gay bars, live s*x theatres, s*x shops and anything related you could think of. The areas are very well protected by police to avoid any chaos. The trip was a little heavy for me to be honest but an experience I would never forget!

Now the list of must do things in Amsterdam

  • If you can, explore Amsterdam on bikes.
  • You’d love shopping in Amsterdam. Some of my fav shops were Urban Outfitters, & Other Stories, TopShop,Weekday, Cheap Monday, Bijenkorf Mall.
  • Keukenhof Gardens. But those are only spring gardens are are open only for a certain period of time in a year. So plan accordingly.
  • King’s Day – Celebrated on 27th April every year.
  • A visit to Anne Frank’s House.
  • Explore the gorgeous coffee shops.
  • Red Light District Tour. But do it only in a group. It’s quite a shocker to be doing alone the first time around. Don’t click photos of the girls. Respect their privacy. You can always pay and take their services. They are doing their job there anyway.
  • If you are craving for Indian food, there are a LOT of Indian restaurants around. We loved Shiva for its ambience and Kohinoor for its food.
  • Cruise through the canals in boats to see Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam at night is quite a vision. Can be done through boat as well.

Amsterdam stole my heart..the way Venice and Paris did. I can’t wait to come back here again..that too very soon. :)) I hope you enjoy the last few pics we clicked during our stay. :) Continue reading

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Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands + Must Do Things


Hi Everyone, :)

When we posted about our trip to Amsterdam, one place that everyone unanimously suggested was Keukenhof Spring Gardens. There are more than 7 million bulbs in bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips.The tulips fields are spread in a massive space of 32 hectares. So imagine seeing flowers and flowers and flowers miles and miles away. It’s an unbelievable sight. A Tulips heaven. I mean how!

It is pretty much a half day trip if you go via an agency. We stayed at De L’Europe Hotel, which btw is super high on our recommendation list. It was gorgeous , centrally located and with an extra helpful staff. They booked it for us. But every hotel in Amsterdam would have info about the Keukenhof Gardens. And you can totally ask the concierge if you are planning to go there. It’s a gorgeous drive via the countryside of Amsterdam. PS : It is very kids friendly too.

We were so not ready for Amsterdam’s crazy weather. I mean the kind of cold there was felt like we have come to Europe in November- December time. I had a dreamiest dress planned for the place but I rather chose to keep myself warm and wear whatever was comfy. It was a good decision. :D So definitley pack a leather jacket / windcheater if you are visiting Amsterdam in April. We experienced a sunny day, chilly day, and a heavy rainy evening. Quite insane. :P

For 2015 they are open from 20th March,2015 to 17th May, 2015

Must do things in Keukenhof Gardens

  • Take pics of the Tulip fields. They come before you reach the actual gardens.
  • Take lots of selfies.:D
  • Don’t pluck flowers. You can buy tulip bulbs from the shops located inside the gardens.
  • Definitely get a pic clicked in those huge wooden clogs.
  • Treat yourself to waffles and strawberries at the gardens.

Have fun! :))

Anyhoo, Sanjeev captured the tulip gardens through his lens in the most beautiful way he could. I hope you enjoy the pics. :))

I have another post to share with you all. Would do it soon. Love you loooads. :))  Continue reading

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