Last Bit of Memories from Paris


Hi Everyone, :)

Sharing the last bit of cold Paris with you all before I share the gorgeous sunny pics from Nice. :) We booked tickets to go to The Palace of Versailles but cancelled at the last moment. Both of us just wanted to roam around the city and have some chilled out time. That day was truely memorable. We spent time walking around the city hand in hand, stopping for a few coffees and recalling all the magical days we had spent in this past month. It was suuuuch a beautiful day. Well, Versailles might happen on our next trip. :)

The day before we went to spent an evening at Montmartre. It was a stunning view of the city from very high up. There are gorgeous little restaurants when you climb down to the street. Worth spending time at. :)

A little tip, don’t miss out on the homemade hot chocolate they sell in small Christmas Markets everywhere around. They’d blow your mind away. They are THAT good.

I hope you enjoy the piccys. I will see you all very soon. Have a suuuuppper weeekend. Mwwwaahh!! :)

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The Bitter Sweet Paris

Paris outfit

Hi Everyone, :)

Sharing an outfit I wore on our second day in Paris. This time around our stay in Paris was a bitter sweet experience. I mean both Sanjeev and I absolutellly love going to Paris. We just enjoy the crazy vibe of the city ,walking on the streets and enjoying our Parisian cafe breaks. This time around we were more or less living in the city than being a tourist there. Really spent a lazy time around with each other and it was just fabulousss!!

We stayed at the Hyatt Madeleine. Highhhlyyy Recommended. We’d go back and stay there any time.

We came across a lot of rude French people this time especially waiters at the cafe and people at the airport. Some got it back from us and some we chose to ignore. Because, at the end of it, you are just tourists and you don’t have to deal with these rudies for more than a few minutes. You can’t let small incidents spoil your day. We did come across a LOT of nice people as well. Just telling you so that you can take care of yourself whenever you go to Paris. Don’t get affected and have fun. I can’t wait to go back myself. :)

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Paris : Twice is Nice :)

paris fashion

Hi Everyone, :)

Although I am yet to share the first part of our France Trip with you all but I thought I’d go backwards this time. Sharing an outfit with you that I wore yesterday in Paris. Sanjeev and I are back in Paris for the second time in the same year. I think we are a bit obsessed. The biggest difference we find between these two Paris trips is that the last time it was more touristy. And this time it’s more like being a part of the city. The city is cold and it’s often raining here but we still love it. :)

And thank you for the lovely comments on the last post. I just could not find time to reply. Will do so soon. Have a happy Sunday all of you. Mwwwaaah!!!  Continue reading

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Switzerland Part 2 : Interlaken, Jungfrau


Hi Everyone, :)

This is my final post from Switzerland. My heart was literally sinking when we were leaving this place. We went to Interlaken – a beautiful place to spend a day or two. We stayed at Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage; an awesome hotel to stay in at Interlaken. Mostly the villages nearby are sooo breathtaking you would want to build a hut and live there forever. :P Jungfrau is the highest point of Europe. Between Interlaken and Jungfrau you can do a lot of activities such as paragliding, skiing, bungee jumping etc. But the weather has to be good in that case. For skiing also, it has to heavily snow so most activities would start from next few weeks. Anyway, on friend’s reco we also went to Grindlewald for a while but since the snow season has got a little delayed most things were still closed.


We had the mosssttt amazing time there. This was the first time we saw snow and a little bit of snowfall. I was literally standing in the snowfall with my mouth open. :D It was sooo incredible. I have no words. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy checking out the pics and I reaallllllyyy hope that all of you get to see how blessed Switzerland is with its stunning beauty.

It was a dream trip and we can’t wait to go back. :)

We are in France at the moment. Will update on that soon. :)) Love you allll!!! :-*

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Switzerland Part 1 : Zurich, Lucerne


Hi Everyone, :)

We spent a few days in Switzerland and honestly, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! The natural beauty is no doubt breathtaking but how cutely they have maintained and built the place, makes it just out of the world.

We started our trip from Zurich. It’s a gorgeous place but Lake Zurich is the crown of the city. The gorgeous blue water, the white birds and the view of the mountains. No words. I was so much in DDLJ mood that I ended up watching the movie once again. :P

We next moved to Lucerne. We stayed in a 100 year old hotel, Des Balances that is situated right on the lake. We found people to be quite cold there compared to how happy and warm people came across in Austria. But since Sanjeev and I have travelled so much by now, we get over such things very quickly.

On day 2 we took a boat, a chuck-chuk train and a cable car to reach Mount Rigi. And what we found up there left us spell bound. Nature is mighty. Sanjeev has captured the heavenly views through his camera. They’d blow your mind away.

I have added a lot of photos for you to enjoy. Couldn’t have posted any less. I can’t wait to share the second part of our Switzerland Journey. I hope you all are doing good. :)

You can also follow me on facebook or instagram for mini videos and day to day updates of the trip.

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