Rajesh Pratap Singh Ikat Trousers

rajesh pratap singh

Hi Everyone, :)

How have you guys been? :)

I have had an amazing week. To start with, I am a bit off my reading phase. I need some chick-lit recos from you guys. Something on the lines of Sophie Kinsella  :)

I took a full week break from my workout and controlled-eating. I felt sooo goood and relaxed.  I met friends, hogged with them at the restaurants, did long talks, and spent a slow-moving life. I think I would take such breaks every now and then.

My mum and brother came and spent a day with us. Loads of pampering and lazy time. My mum-in-law is staying with us for a few days. Super fun family time. :)

Sanjeev and I got to spend an amazing evening with his batch-mates (and their wives ) from IIT days. We watched ‘Amit Sahni ki List’ together because it was directed by one of their batch-mates, Ajay Bhuyan. It was a fun movie. Later we sat in a restaurant and chit-chatted for hours. It was a super day! :)

Sanjeev and I also watched a movie called ‘Begin Again‘. It was BRILLIANT. Everyone should watch that movie. :) It was that understated genius kind of a movie. Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo were so good together.

I am slowly getting obsessed with Rajesh Pratap Singh stuff. These are my second pants from his line and I am obsessed. I love the fun draped style, I love the ikat, I love the earthiness of cotton, and I love the tailoring. You should check out some fun ways he has styled these pants on his website.

I am also obsessed with silver jewellery these days. I think I overdid gold stuff. I need a break. :D

I wish my hair looked messier in this look. :P

Last but not the least, IMBB is doing some kick-ass numbers this month. All of us are soooo excited to see where everything leads to towards the end of the month. :)

Have an awesome weeekend all of you. :))

Red lipstick

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14 Ways to Style Culottes

Hi Everyone, :)

I am obsessed with  wearing culottes these days. They work for all body types depending on how you style them. They are an amazing summer staple. In fact you can wear them all year round with clever layering. Here are some cool tips on how you can style your culottes. :)

1. If you have the abs flaunt-worthy, wear your culottes with a crop top.


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Books Marathon

asos neon green skirt

Hi Everyone, :))

How are you all doing? :)

I am on a major reading spree these days. It always happens with me. When I get hooked on to reading, I read good 5-7 books in a go and then I don’t read for a while. The case is quite different with Mr, Husband; he reads 12 months a year, 7 days a week. :P

So here are my quick reviews on the books I have read in the past couple of days. :)

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith / JK Rowling:  She does the most amazing story telling. It is the second book of the detective Cormoron Strike. The book is so compelling with all its twists and turns. It will keep you hooked on to it till the very last page. Can’t wait to read more stories from the author. MUST Read.

IT by Alexa Chung : A very frivolously written book. Alexa Chung is street style star and I think people bought the book mainly because the book is written by ‘her’. I was so disappointed by the content of the book. The pictures didn’t have tags on them, you are somehow lost wondering who is who in the photograph. She talked about something than something else. There are not many tips that you could pick up from her. Basically I pretty much ended up knowing nothing about her in the end. If you have to read one good book on fashion / life of someone from fashion, read Grace by Grace Coddington.

Looking for Alaska by John Green : This was my first book by John Green. I went to buy ‘The Fault in our Stars’ but that was sold out so I bought this. This book has its highs and lows but is not gripping enough. It’s a little dragging, you would just want to reach the end very fast.

I think he did an EPIC job at The Fault in our Stars. I have watched the movie and my friends on Instagram insisted that I read the book as well. I am yet to finish it but I think he has come a looong way in his writing from his first book. Beautifully written. And probably would rip a piece of your heart way. You’d remember this book always. It’s one of your ‘To Kill a Mocking bird’ and ‘The Notebook’ kind of a book that you would want to read again and again.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg : She is the COO of Facebook. It is a self help book and a sort of written with a feminist tone. I think women who work in a corporate sector should give this book a read. This might help you take a lot of initiative, get over your fears in the male dominated society and might help you excel in your carrier. Good advice, and a slow read. Mostly you’d know the stuff but if always makes more sense when someone else tells you the same thing.Not the most exciting one but guess you can learn a thing of a two from the lady who has been there and done that.   :)

So what are you currently reading? :)

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My Movie Week!


Hi Everyone, :)

How have you guys been? :) Sanjeev and I have been super busy from past few weeks so we took a little break from work today and what a break we had! :D  We planned our day this way – Movie–>lunch–>movie. :P So we watched two movies yesterday ‘Chef. I think anyone who has a passion for cooking should watch this movie. It was cute, hilarious and full of life. :)

We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. The food was just okay there but I loved the ambience of and the music in the place. :)

The next movie was Tom Cruise’s Sci-Fi movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘. It was mindddd blowing. How do they think of such intelligent stuff? *shock* Emily Blunt is HOT! :P

Both the movies are a MUST watch.

And it’s ‘Ek Villain’ today. Who is going for it? :))

Have a great weekend all of you. I’ll see you soon. Mwwahh!! Continue reading

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IMBB for Iva by Tanishq

Hi Everyone, :)

Have totally been dying to share this project that Sanjeev and I shot for Tanishq’s Iva Jewellery. Video-making has always been a challenge for us. Taking pictures has pretty much become a back-of-a-hand task but we still struggle a bit with the video making process. The whole idea and direction of the video was thought out by Sanjeev. Well, I just had to dress up. :P It was a ton of fun putting the whole thing together. . :)

We had to put together some looks according to the jewellery. After seeing the pieces, the instant reaction was to put a day and night look. Also, since the pieces in the collection are quite delicate they can easily be layered up. :)

Sanjeev and I had a ton of fun putting this whole thing together. It was very tiring but you know, we are kinda happy seeing the results. :)

There’s a little contest on Instagram by Tanishq for all of you, in case you are interested. :)

You can follow Tanishq on Instagram HERE, and IMBB on Instagram HERE

Here are the contest details : http://iva.tanishq.co.in/Contest/

I will see you sooon. Mwwwaaahh!!

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