How To Plan a Trip To Seychelles

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed posts from Seychelles so far. Sadly this a wrap. But I really hope that you guys get to experience the paradise that Seychelles is. One of the drivers at Seychelles said to us “You don’t feel Seychelles until you are in Seychelles. You feel it when you leave Seychelles.” His words turned out to be so true. It only feels like a dream now. It was insanely beautiful and every bit of paradise. I feel truely grateful that I got to experience it. 🙂

I wore this Rashmi Varma fusion saree for our last dinner at Four Seasons. We had spent the whole day on the beach and only got ready late evening. Don’t mind my messy hair. I was in a total holiday mood and was having too much fun on the beach. Then I was too lazy to manage only a messy bun. But you know that’s how all the good memories should be – a little bit imperfect and should remind you of all the good times. Isn’t it? 🙂 I guess I followed the same theme as my last outfit of wearing two statement pieces in a go – bangles and neckpiece. Never been the one to follow the rules anyway. 😛

How to Plan a Trip To Seychelles

  • Flight : We took an Emirates flight (PS: horrible food) from Delhi to Dubai. There was a 2 hour stop over and then Dubai to Seychelles. But later we found out that there is a direct flight from Mumbai to Seychelles. It might even be cheaper. Definitley find out about that. But if you want to do a bit of Duty Free shopping at Dubai Airport, you have that option too.
  • Visa : It is a visa free country. So all you need is your passport and tickets to visit to Seychelles.
  • Best Season : April, May, October and November are their peak months. But Seychelles has a tropical hot /humid weather all year round. They told us that we are visiting Seychelles in off season but we thought it was fabulous. There was less crowd. We were very lucky with the weather too. It rained only one day and one night during our week long stay there. Otherwise it was gorgeously sunny and we had ample time to have fun in the ocean. That said when we went to La Digue there was a huge amount of seaweed in the ocean so we could not swim there. I personally think you can visit anytime barring Dec and Jan because those are supposed to be their wet months. But a lot of people visit Seychelles still during those months to celebrate Christmas and New year and despite being a low season it is one of the most expensive time to visit the paradise. 😀 I’d say just go anytime and pray to the weather lords. 😀
  • Budget : Unfortunately it is hard to do Seychelles on a budget. It is an island and pretty much everything is imported there (except fish). So not only for tourists, the place is expensive for residents as well. But what you can do is that you could look for packages online. Or instead of staying on the main island – Mahe, you could stay in smaller hotels at La Digue or Praslin and then hop around from there. Still taking a ferry from one place to the other could be costly. Every ticket, food, taxis…everything is probably twice or even more expensive than what you’d be paying for in India. But if you can afford it, I’d highly recommend Four Seasons. We also heard extremely good things about Maia Luxury resort. But I am sure there would be a ton of other options. Take a look at those. Their main business is tourism so you definitley have a lot of options to choose from.
  • Food : I had major issues with food since I am a vegetarian and that too a healthy eating one. 😐 But Sanjeev eats chicken and he also didn’t have much options. BUT, if you are a sea food lover, consider yourself in heaven. 😛
  • What to Pack : Lots of bikinis, shorts, tees, dresses, easy walking shoes /sandals, flip flips, some special outfits for romantic dinners. 😀  And SUNSCREEN. Highly recommend the one by Vichy.Also, pack a few nuts, biscuits …like small snacks that you’d want to eat in between the meals or else you’d be spending more money on buying a  simple pack of peanuts at exorbitant price there.
  • I’d highly recommend that you do an island hopping. They have ferrys doing rounds every day. Ask your hotel about the schedule. You may check out our Seychelles post for list of things to do.
  • Don’t miss the magical sunsets. Seychelles has the most stunning sky. It’s like anew artist every single day and the way scenery changes in the evening…it is truely magical.
  • Currency : We paid both in local money and in Euros and we had no issues. But definitley keep local money with you because it would be more cost effective when you convert it.

Overall, it is definitley a dream destination and a honeymooners paradise. You could even have your dream wedding planned there. 😀 If you ask me personally, I’d say that you save save and save to do this trip but stay in a luxury resort. The experience would get 10 fold more amazing. If not, the place is so blessed by nature that you won’t be any short of capturing and creating magical moments there. 🙂

And coming to the question that most people have asked me – Maldives or Seychelles ? Continue reading

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10 Must-Do Things in Seychelles


Hi Everyone, 🙂

As I am wrapping up this trip. I thought I’d put up some must do things for you that you can do in Seychelles.

I was all about maxi dreses and skirts during this trip. And id you are following Faux Pas for a while you’d know how much I love my one shoulder dresses. Well this post has a two of them. 😛 I wore this orange dress twice during this trip – one time for lunch and the other time for dinner. Clearly love it way too much. 😀  The last James Ferreira dress I wore was years back so I was quite excited when I found this. He is the king of drapes in my opinion and the way the dress wraps your body makes you feel so feminine. I finished off the look with not one but two statement pieces – a huge neckpiece and 2 cuffs. I made a side bun and put a fresh flower in my hair. 🙂

For a day time look for hopping around the islands I wanted to wear something that I could wear over my bikini and throw it off before going to the sea. I found this cute little dress at Eden Island. It is from  french Fashion Designer, Bronzette. I just added some fun sandals and sunglasses.

Sanjeev and I went on a island hopping one of the days during our stay in Seychelles. We started early at around 6 in the morning and took a ferry to the island. The first stop was Mahe to La Digue, then  Praslin and then back to Mahe. They have a day schedule for the ferrys. Just ask the concierge at your hotel about it. You could prebook the tickets or go early to buy the tickets. We were not sure of the weather so we took the tickets the same day. I mean it would not have been fun visiting islands on a rainy day. We had a mix of passing showers, clouds and a good amount of sun. All in all it was a gorgeous day. I hope you enjoy checking out the photos.

Here is your list of must dos in Seychelles. 🙂 Continue reading

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Seychelles : Giant Tortoise and Eden Island


Hi Everyone, 🙂

This is my second post from Seychelles. The stay was way too relaxing and totally made us a lazy bum. But I totally made an effort to dress up for lunch or dinner everyday. I wore this maxi skirt and top from Manish Malhotra for lunch the other day. And then basically after all the lunch and twirling for the photos I got tired and just soaked my feet in the pool for a bit. It was fun. 🙂

One of these days we left the resort to visit the Botanical Gardens and Eden Island. The Botanical Gardens have these giant and really cute tortoises. We had five of these slow sweeties back at Four Seasons too but this experience was something else.There must be 20-30 of these tortoise there and some of them were hugeee! It was an epic sight.  And slow they might be, once you show them the green twigs they know how to hurry up. Check out the little video I posted below.

Then we spent the rest half of the day at the stunning Eden Island. It is an artificial island. they literally made it on reclaimed land from water. You could even book a hotel to stay there. We just did a day trip there and ate really bad Indian food. loll!! Btw their ice-cream is quite famous and worth very bit of hype. Definitely must do! The views are breathtaking. You could also do a bit of shopping there on the island. But it is more of a relaxing-catching-up-on-a bit-of-a-heaven kind of a place. One of the top things to do while in Seychelles for sure. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pics. I have more posts and outfits from paradise that I want to share with you all very very soon! :)) Have a great week ahead all of you. :-* Continue reading

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Seychelles, A Dream Destination

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A few months back I saw a photograph of a paradise-like place on the internet. I did not know how to pronounce the name nor did I know where it existed. I showed it to Sanjeev and we decided that we’d go there definitley. Little did we know that we would be living our dream so soon. Seychelles is in every sense a paradise and a dream destination in every sense. The paintings in the sky, the colors of the ocean and the breathtaking views…it’s hard to imagine a place like this exists. one has to come all the way here to see how crazily breathtaking nature could be.

We are staying at the Four Seasons. They always pick the best locations in every place and it becomes our favourite pick all the time. Although the resort is very reminiscent of Koh Samui Resort but you have to see and experience all the paradises on earth. 🙂

Although we have been pool-bumming and beach-bumming during day time, I have been ‘making an effort’ to get ready for the gorgeous evenings that this place has to offer. Although my dresses are nothing compared to what the sceneries of the nature out here but I can always make a bit of effort right? 🙂 I wore this Gauri Nainika dress the other day with gold ear cuffs and some flats to hop around and enjoy the evening. 🙂

Sanjeev has done some amazing photography of this place. I hope you enjoy it. And you just wait till I show and tell you more of this beauty! 🙂

See you very soon! Love! :-* Continue reading

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

chola the lable outfit

Hi Everyone, 🙂

How are you guys doing? 🙂 I am literally melting in Delhi’s heat. A bit of shower here and there is quite a relief. Sanjeev and I went for lunch today. I wore this dress from Chola by Sohaya. We clicked too many a few pictures. There are days when I slip into my bodycon dresses but there are days when I just want to be easy breezy, eat my heart out and not worry about my bloated tummy. Actually the name of the brand is so apt right – Chola? This dress holds true to the label’s name and I love every bit of it. 😀 I added a thin white ribbon in my braid today just for some fun. Funny how I used to hate wearing ribbons during school time and now it’s a fashion thing for me. My mom is going to tease me so much she sees this. Hahha! But anyhoo, I loved it. 🙂

Sanjeev and I got around talking about our dreams today. One of my dreams is to attend fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York. Well, it sounds funny because I barely attend fashion weeks in India only. But let’s see how it goes. Who knows! 🙂

How is it going for you guys? Tell me about your crazy big dream. I would love to read all about it.

Talk to you all very soon. Enjoy the summers! I crib but it’s my favourite season. 😀 Love you! mwaaah!  Continue reading

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