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  1. Ankita says:

    Rati Di…. i really really love the way u dress up.. i wanted an advice.. i have a very cute peep toe from tresmode, i wanted to know if i could team it up with kurtas and leggings? my friends told me that it would not look good but i really would like ur take on it… plz plz plz reply soon…

    ankita 🙂

  2. Payal says:

    Hey Rati, love your blog and IMBB. However, all of my comments go into moderation (no self promotion/links) and never see light of the day! Whats happening 🙁

  3. Sneha says:

    Hey Rati!!! I love the way you dress…chic and classic!! I wanted an advice on how to pick the right denim.
    Iam a little heavy on the lower part of the body and esp thighs.
    I know boot legs works well,but would love to hear from you on what to choose from. Suggest me the best brands too 🙂


    • Rati says:

      I am not a huge fan of bell bottoms. I feel straight cuts looks much better . You should really check out levis curve id or calvin klein. :)) Even Zara has some good options but with zara you really have to dig their stock. :))

  4. dollar dedhia says:

    really cool styles and updates…. i m really enjoying these…
    i wanted to see couple for styling for u know bigger sizes… i never find anything in zara or anything… there stores r so huge… i m currently picking from chemistry….i <3 them… global desi and splash… i sometimes find stuff at veramoda…….
    p.s. love all the shoes….from the site

  5. Payel Nandi says:

    Hello Rati di. First of all I wanna say I’m just in love with your fashion ideas,tha way you dress up,make up everything. I have a question, My height is 5.1,slim,fair 😉 can you suggest me which type of outfit will go best on me? Casual and ethnic both.

  6. Ankita says:

    Hello Rati/Sanjeev

    I am in love with the way you guys write. I enjoy reading your posts so much and looking at the pictures .

    Please please please please try to put up more posts.Its not necessary that you always post stuff from your international/domestic travel.Just post anything because we love to read you. I visit your blog everyday in a hope to get something new to read :):):)


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