My Shoe Collection

my shoe collection

Some of you wanted to see my shoe collection, here are the pictures of my homeless shoes. 😛 We actually have carpenters at home to design closet for my shoes and bags and we have got something like THIS made. But ours is rectangular and almost 2 layers deep. The structure is ready and we have a painter working on it. I am actually confused between getting it painted either all white or white with lime green. Let’s see what I decide upon. What do you suggest? 🙂

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29 Responses to My Shoe Collection

  1. calicoaster says:

    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….my eyes have got temporary blinded with all the flash……….Gorgeousssssssssssss collection Ratiiii!!!

  2. Suma says:

    OMG OMG OMG i am hyperventilating Rati!!!!! awesome collection!

  3. shilpi says:

    i am awestruck..!! this is mammoth..lovely!

  4. nice collection..and that reminds me that i have to get on my shoe closet cleaning!!!

    my poor shoes have been stacked here and there all over the house!!!

  5. dimpal says:

    its like heaven… awesome collection..cldnt tk my eyes off

  6. Tara says:

    So many gorgeous beauties Rati…..awesome!!! And the rack design is nice too….but are u planning for an open one like that? The only cons that comes to my mind is dust!! And color wise I feel lime n white will rock 🙂

  7. Renji says:

    wow…Such a cute collection:))) Lovely…I think U should select the shoe stand color, the one that matches ur wall color and curtains:) can’t wait to see those lovelies fully organised:))

  8. Jismi says:

    Awesome collection Rati! I specially love all your pumps!
    I think you should paint it in multi-colors. One row white, one row black, one row red, one row blue…
    And then keep the respective colored shoes in those colored boxes. 😀

  9. Jismi says:

    My comment in moderation 🙁 🙁

  10. Dipti C says:

    Rati …whoooaaa..hoodi baba … fainting.. 😀 😀 nice closet but ya if its open it may attract dust… you could get a louvered door or sliding door too..louvered door will allow ventilation too.. something like this

  11. Bhargavi says:

    LOoooovellly collection Rati!!!
    Mine seems like a baby now..!

    As for your closet, colors would definitely add zing to the otherwise simple white…but i feel it’ll be easier for you to choose your shoes according to your outfit if the closet is plain white…colors tend to confuse choices sometimes..:-)

    Also, though open closet may attract dust…completely closed ones will spoil shoes and even soles of some types of footwear (especially in humid conditions)…so if you plan to close it..please provide air gaps 🙂

    Another small suggesstion from my side would be avoid putting plants that we might have to water on the closet, I’ve done that mistake and I see many people do that…it not only spoils the wood…but also attracts bugs to footwear!!

  12. Deepali says:

    Beautiful collection Rati…I am just wondering if you actually match a shoe with your dress everytime 😉 I always forget if I have a matching shoe with my dress…
    I have recently started following your blog and it completely rocks!!

  13. nupur says:

    i wooootedddd n faintedddd n Dieddddddddd …………. innneeeee saaarreeee chapppalsssssss 😀 😀
    u wait , me send this link to prince n ask him to show to ur mommmyyy…… u wait now 😀 😀 😀 😀 +*evil dance*

  14. Ritika says:

    Tortureeeeeeeeee ,tortureeeeeeeee
    Everything is sooo prettyyyy 😀

  15. Rati says:

    Thank you everyone. :)) Thanks for the tips too. It’s an open cupboard inside the room, which does not gather much dust. So it’s all cool so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. :))

  16. aru says:

    this is a fabulous collection Rati. I was trying to remember which all shoes I have seen in your foto shoots 🙂 and all those bright shoes like your orange wedges, blue wedges, the leopard print stilletos all are super sexy..

  17. Pia says:

    Ohhh wow…. Thot i was dreaming!!!!!!! What a fab collection.. Quite like ur shoe storage cupboard.. Bt i personally wud hv liked a door for it to keep away dust..

  18. Fab says:

    That’s an amazing collection!! My fav must be the leopard print shoes!! And please do post a picture of the finished cupboard with all the shoes stacked inside it :-))

  19. Rajani says:

    OMG..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awsome collection :)) loved it……..

  20. hana says:

    rati m gonna come steal all ur shoes 2nyt

  21. gurpreet says:

    Thanks for the post Rati. I so wanted to see your collection.. Was trying to count.. but lost..wonderful collection and a nice rack.. keep the collection growing..

  22. Dita says:


  23. thePURPLEspirit says:

    Omg Rati.. I bow to you! Drooling here. But one particular pair has caught my eye.. That animal print heels with ankle straps., I’ve been looking forever for a pair like that.. Where did you buy that one? *god pls don’t let it be some hi fi brand* 😉

  24. Gargi says:

    omg!!! super jealous!!! 😛 😛 awesome collection Rati.. can’t stop drooling!!

  25. Shami says:

    ME counting Rati 😀 its around 40 to 50 OMG!!!! Awesome collections 🙂
    i have seen you in 10 to 15 shoes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Rajol says:

    Hey! Rati, this is lovely.
    My husband thinks I have a lot of shoes ..I should share this with him and tell him I am not alone….
    Love the heels!

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