The Palace Tour

holiday dress

We did a palace tour today. Sharing some more pics of the palace. My trip is getting over. I am so going to miss all the pampering and good times here.

How is the week coming along for you guys? Did you happen to watch Ek Tha Tiger? 🙂

mango yellow day dress

betsey johnson bag

pillars umaid bhawan

zara striped shoes

yellow black dress



souvenir shop
souvenir shop
Assortments before dinner
pasta pesto
pasta in pesto sauce
omelette at breakfast
omelette and mirchi pakoda at breakfast
Watermelon with feta cheese and kiwi
Watermelon with feta cheese and kiwi
Billiards room

The craftsmanship of the local artisans on the ceiling
Waiting for the palace tour to start


Sipped champagnes during the palace tour

6.5 kgs of silver used in making this mehrangarh fort replica
the dining hall

The way towards maharani suite
The drawing room in maharani suite
bedroom – maharani suite
spa maharani suite
maharani suite bathroom
maharani suite balcony

Wearing :
Dress : Mango
Bag : Betsey Johnson
Neckpiece, shoes : Zara
Ring : Vintage

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31 Responses to The Palace Tour

  1. Neha S. says:

    the peek a boo pic of urs is super pretty and adorable!
    love the shoes
    and the necklace is from the most recent collection after the sale na.. me wanted to buy it… dunno why i left it :/
    u did the spa? 😀

    • Rati says:

      It is neha. I fell for it instantly. Plus I love skulls for some strange reason . I totally couldn’t resist buying it. 😀 thanks. no didn’t go to the spa yet. 🙂

  2. Rajani says:

    awesome pics rati… u r looking cool in dat yellow dress..!!! loved the palace tour pics… 🙂 enjoy ur rest time at palace.. hav a grt day… 🙂 by d way happy independence day..! 😛 🙂

  3. supriya says:

    o god this looks gorgeous… the spa , the rooms , the palace is just so massive. btw i saw the super small portion size and big plates , i hope they gave u more watermelon with feta….

    • Rati says:

      hihih supriya these were the starters – super exotic kinds. 😛 But they serve you food till you are stuffed. Believe me, it’s only Rajasthan where they serve food with soooo much love. 🙂 Everything was pretty awesome there 🙂

  4. Swathi says:

    Peekabooooo 😛 the first Pic..Looking Very Cute.. Lovely Pics as well 🙂

  5. richss says:

    awwww…d first pic is amazing…cuteness personified..<3
    i m feeling as if i m on d trip of palace via pics..lovely..
    n spa seems very exotic..
    keep smiling.. 🙂

  6. Aru says:

    really feels like you are on some model shoot. you shud have taken some model agency, gotten them to fund your trip. Think abt it 🙂 love the champagne foto (no no i am not a alcoholic hahah)..its the way the foto has come out..everything is so nice and sparkly in that foto, the flooring, the glass, the accesories..

    Sanjeev – Pls to note abt the funding trip idea 🙂

    • Sanjeev says:

      hehe, abhi to self-funding theek hai Aruna ji, at least our time is ours and we do what we love to do- travel and fashion. 🙂

      • Aru says:

        ofcourse woh tho hai. it was more of a compliment abt her being a model and all 🙂 and unless she decides to persue it professionally, there is no point in others funding it. Also, the satisfaction when you do it your way and get so much appreciation for it is well worth it.

        • Rati says:

          hihih thanks aruna. 😛 We can only hope someone funding our trip. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 😀 But this was awesome. We clicked pictures and posted on our own terms. No strings attached. :))

  7. Ritu R says:

    wow…. loved every bit of this virtual palace tour, thanks to you and Sanjeevji… and you look cool! btw, you went about the whole tour in those heels? are your feet aching?? hehe

  8. Pia says:

    Ohhh u look gorgeous in this dress rati.. N i love the shoes <3
    awesome pics.. Im feel like im actually there.. Hihi!! Seeing umaid bhawan thru sanjeev ji's lens.. 😀 great piccys.. ;D
    the spa looks soo luxurious.. Hope u get time to try it out.. The maharani suite is so grand na.. Love the royalty 😀

    • Rati says:

      Thank you pia. Maharani suite was really grand. But it is open to guests. Someone had checked out of it in morning only so they could show it to us. 😀

      Thanks 🙂

  9. renji says:

    luvly snaps Rati…U look super super cute in that cute yellow dress…Luv your shoes too 🙂 I am totally in luv wd ur palace tour pictures…Awesome place !

  10. Dita says:

    Wow, nice pics, love the food photos , and the spa.. gorgeous

  11. Shai says:

    I feel as though I’m stepping through it myself. Lovely. The food looks exceptional, and that spa! You look as gorgeous as always.

    • Rati says:

      Thanks shai. Everything was exceptional there . You should plan a visit sometime. 🙂 god! they must start giving me some commission now. I am recommending the place at the drop of hat. 😛

  12. Ramya says:

    You look lovely Rati 🙂 I cant take my eyes off that pic of u peeking 🙂 So cute!!! N the dress is just fab.
    N, OMG. What a place!! N the photos are so amazing. I actually feel like I’m there. Sanjeev ji, ur photography is just superb!!

  13. Tara says:

    Superb Pics Sanjeev ji…and Rati u look cool and relaxed 🙂 Loved the Foyer, Maharani Suite bedroom, the grannnnnnnd dining hall and kilos of silver used 😉

  14. Bhumika says:

    Woaaaa…amazing pics…the Maharani suite !! :dies:

  15. flygirl says:

    this is again one more time i am trying to comment here.hope it is all figured out now.lurveddddddddddddddddddd the dress and the maharani gawd.this is pure luxary!!!!!!!!lucky you two:)

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