14 Ways to Style Pastel Colors

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Summers is my favourite season. I feel very liberated clothes wise in summers. Just throw on easy colourful clothes, sip your lemonades, and enjoy your days. 😀 As much as I love wearing bright shades in summers, I am totally loving the pastel shades as well – both makeup wise and clothes wise. Here are some ways on how you can also style your summery pastel shades. Hope you like the post. And have a great week ahead everyone!! :))

1. Pair your pastels with nude accents. This would prevent you from looking like a sugar candy. 😀

how to wear pastel fashion

2. Play with colors in the same color family.

pastel street style

3. White goes with all pastel shades.

How to pastels

4. Even black goes with all pastels. 🙂

pastel fashion 2014

5. Love the pairing of a pastely grey with pastel candy shades.


6. There is no restriction to pairing pastel tops with denims. I’d say go with light shades of denims.

pastel indian fashion

7. Pair your pastels with jewel tones.


8. Throw on a printed scarf to go with your pastely outfit.


8. Pair your solid pastels with prints from the same color family.


9-14 And that’s how I have worn my pastels in past. 🙂

pastel indian fashion blog pastels.jpg

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