15 Ways to Style your Denim Shirt

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How was your weekend and Holi? My holi was a little laid back this time. The India-West Indies match totally changed the mood. So the whole day after playing a bit of gulal, I was lazying around on the couch and watching the match. 😛 And I totally lost control on eating gujiyas this time. Dammit! 😛 Sanjeev and I watched Kingsman. Exciting movie! Totally worth watching. 🙂 Yesterday i spent hours over coffee with a friend. So all in all a fabulous weekend. On another note, I am dying the travel again. The thought itself gives butterflies in my stomach. 😛

Anyhoo, since denim is a HUGE trend this season, I thought I’d about various ways on how you can style yours. There are justs sooo many ways to style that one shirt. Hoe you find some inspiration from the post. Have a suuuuppper week ahead all of you. Mwaaahhh!!

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1. Pair your denim shirt with chinos.

How to style denim shirts

2. Snood so cool!! 🙂

How to style denim shirt

3. Oversized denim shirt with a pencil shirt –> perfection.

denim shirt street style

4. Loved the easy casual vibe of how denim shirt is worn as layering piece.  denim shirt street style

5. Pair your denim shirt with a pastel skirt. how to wear denim shirt

6. Throw a white blazer on top of your denim shirt and take a casual outfit to a semi formal one. denim shirt outfits

7. Loved the pairing of denim shirt with a tartan skirt. denim shirts fashion 8. Tie it around your waist—always! 😀

15 ways to wear denim shirts

9 and 10 . love the pairings with yellow. Who knew… 🙂

how-to-style-denim-shirt-9 how-to-style-denim-shirt-10 11,12 : Toughen up your feminine skirts with denim shirts.

how-to-style-denim-shirt-11 how-to-style-denim-shirt-12 13. Knot up your denim shirt on top of your strapless dress.


14. A lesson on cool chic! how-to-style-denim-shirt-14

15. Pair it with denims.


And worn casually mostly – denim on denim 🙂


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