17 Ways to Style your Sneakers

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I think I took sneakers with a bang for the past few months. I have been wearing them with just about everything. So I thought I’d compile a post sharing how you can style sneakers with your outfits. 🙂

1. Pair them with big slouchy pants.

How to style sneakers

2. Sneakers obviously go well with jeans and tee/ swear combos.

How to style sneakers white

3. Haven’t worn sneakers with maxi dress / skirt yet but now I want to. 🙂

How to style sneakers white


4. They make your sexy legs look good. Pair them up with short skirts.

How to style sneakers short skirt


5. Go the slouchy way…all the way.



6. Wear sneakers with long coats and trousers.



7. Pair your sneakers with shirts and long coats.



8. Wear your sneakers with leggings and skirts.



9. Of course you can wear your sneakers with sport wear.



10. They look fab with denims.



11. A great lesson on layering. and match the sneaker colors with the colors from your outfit.



12. Wear them with printed pants.



13. I somehow love this pic. 😀


14-17 and those are some ways I have styled my sneakers in past. 🙂


Btw how was your weekend? 🙂 I watched two movies – Highway and Dallas Buyer’s Club. Highway was briilliiiant. The whole Sufiayana style of Imitiaz Ali is so beautiful. I can watch his movies over and over again.

Dallas Buyer’s Club was great movie but I might not watch it again. You know the kind of movies that you feel great watching but they don’t have a lasting impression on you. It was that kinds.

Btw I loooooved last night’s episode of Koffee with Karan. Both Freida and Nargis were amazing. But I guess it was Nargis who was just great. She is such a cool chic. I think she made everyone notice her last night. 🙂


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