24 Ways to Style Plaid

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How has your week been. Mine has been insanely busy. I had pretty much been working non-stop putting up Bobbi Brown lipsticks and OPI Nail Paint swatches.  Now I am so tired that I need a holiday. So basically we have planned a holiday. 😀 Yipppiiieee!! We are travelling once again with our friends. God! how badly I was waiting to travel again.

Anyhoo, I thought I put up a post on the ‘plaid fashion”. Every winters plaid becomes such a huge trend and I totally love it. But plaid is not restricted to just shirts. There are many cool ways you can incorporate plaid in your everyday outfits. Hope you like the post.

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1. Match the different plaid patterns in one outfit. Also, loved the mis of leopard print with plaid.


2. How cool does a floral and plaid pattern look?



3. Add fun to an all black outfit with a cool plaid shirt.




4. Again, a cool play of different plaid patterns in an outfit.



5. Love skater skirts? Fin a cute one in plaid pattern and pair it with a patterned tee.


6. Drooling over this plaid blazer.  So simple and enough to make a statement.


7. Go the sporty way with a plaid skirt.


8. Find plaid a bit overwhelming? Add just a hint through your accessories.


9. Denim and plaid are a match made in heaven.


10. A perfect outerwear for the upcoming chilly season.


13. Wear red plaid trousers with a long white shirt and a leather jacket.


14. Throw an unbuttoned plaid shirt over a tee for an easy chic look.


15. Go the matchy-matchy way.


16. throw a long statement coat on top of basics.


17. Plaid maxi skirt? Oh yeah!


18. If you are very skinny this is a great way to add a bit of volume – a slouchy jacket with really cool bell bottom plaid trousers.


19. Navy and white plaid trousers with a navy tee – Love!


20. Pair your plaid shirt with a denim skirt!


21-24 And these are some ways I have worn plaid in my outfits.

plaid street style

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