5 Good and Not-so-Good Things about Neemrana Fort Palace

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Hiya Everyone, 🙂

I thought I’d list down some of the best and not-so-good points about Neemrana Fort Palace.

  1. It is a beautiful old fort. The lanes, and the doors especially will take you back in history. The rooms of course are nothing like we have seen before. Staying here is an experience in itself.
  2. The staff is really helpful and nice.
  3. It is a perfect honeymoon destination. We have seen so many couples coming and going in these past two days. The place is peaceful and very big. No one bothers you…you can be in your own world and can just enjoy the company of your partner.
  4. There are a lot of things to do here – vintage car drive, trekking, a walk to ‘some’ 9 storied well, zipping… We didn’t do much of it because we have just been way too sleepy and lazy after coming here. 😛
  5. Food is pretty good.

The not so good things

  1. No room service and no TV. in the room.
  2. There are fixed timings for meals. I felt like I have been transported to my hostel – 8-10 brekky; 12-2 lunch, 5-6 tea, 8-10 dinner.. We used to shudder at the thought of skipping meals in hostel because if you skip one meal, you’d have go hungry. I started getting this feel here as well. loll!!
  3. No hair dryers …not even in the spa. Thankfully I packed mine. I had a bit of previous experience with Neemrana so …
  4. The food is yum but so fattening. They have buffet in all three meals so either you eat what is being served or you survive on salads. I like my warm meals so for me food had been quite a bit of challenge here.
  5. Sanjeev is so unhappy with the alcohol here. All of them are ‘made in Rajasthan’ variety so you know… 😛

Despite its cons , I would give it a 4.5/5 experience. We have had such a great time. We barely get time to sit together and talk while we are in Delhi. We got an opportunity to totally make up for it. Every day we have sat on our terrace and spent time chit-chatting. Sanjeev got to read so much. It had just been sooo brilliant overall. 🙂

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