5 Ways to use a Cake Stand in Home Decor

I love using cake stands in home decor. Well, apart from using cake stand as a cake stand I use it in various ways around my home. This not only saves the storage space but also makes a pretty centre piece as well . 🙂 Following are some of the ways I like to use cake stand, Please do share in your ideas, if you have any. 🙂

Cake Stand as a Flower Holder : I would say that if you are using it as a flower holder (as shown in the pic below), use artificial flowers. I have used fresh flowers because I have those at home but they won’t stay fresh for more than a day this way. I’d probably trim the flowers, put them in smaller water filled glasses and put the glasses on the stand. These make a fine centre piece or a side table attraction.

cake stand flowers

Cake Stand as Jewelry Holder : I keep those jewelry pieces that I am wearing the most during a particular week. They look pretty on my vanity table. 🙂

cake stand jewelry

Cake Stand as Candle Holder : I have obsession with candles. Using cake stand for my candles was an obvious choice. 😀

cake stand candles

Perfumes and Nail Paints Holder : The only tip I’d give would be not to use heavy bottles.

cake stand perfumes

Using cake stand as a snack tray: I love the idea of serving, muffins, macarons or pastries on a cake stand. You can also keep small glass bowls and use the stand as a tray.

french macarons

And if you cake stand is curved at the corners, you can also use it as a pot pourri stand. 🙂 the one shown below is a pot pourri stand only, I am talking about something like THIS .

pot pourri stand

Ta Ta! 🙂

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