6 Fashion Lessons From the ‘Gossip Girl’

Hi Everyone. :))

You girls got me all curious about ‘Gossip Girl’. And in my case curiosity killed the cat. πŸ˜› I went through hundreds of photos of the ‘Gossip Girls’ in the past few days. Each one was better that the previous ones. Now I am gutted why we don’t get such awesome clothes here in India. 😐

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to take some fashion lessons from such awesomeness. :))

Here we go! πŸ™‚

1. Blazers – A Must Have
Every girl should invest in a number of blazers for her wardrobe. One can start from a simple structured black blazer and then go on to the fancier versions. Blazers add so much chicness to the look and take a simple outfit to another level. I especially love the gold one in the pic below.

gossip girl blazers

2. All BlackΒ 

‘All black’ looks are ALWAYS sexy. Play with structures, cuts and textures. You can add bags and clutches in different colours to break the monotony.

Gossip girl all black

3. Mixing Prints:

Loved how the prints are mixed in each photo shown below.

  • Stripes with dots
  • Floral with dots
  • Floral with stripes ( same color tones)
  • Bigger loops with smaller loops
  • Tartan with slanted stripes.
Best Tip : If you find ‘print on print’ too overwhelming, just add a jacket / blazer/ vest in block shade on top.Β 

gossip girl prints

4. Vest: Don’t they just make the otherwise simple looks stand out?

gossip girls vest

5. Shimmer and Sequins can be worn during the day : Totally!

Keep one piece shimmery and rest of it toned down. You can rock sequins and shimmers during the day, The Fashion Police wouldn’t shoot you. πŸ˜›

gossip girl shimmer

6. Statement Necklaces : You just HAVE to invest in some gorgeous statement neckpieces. No Excuse, anymore. πŸ™‚

Statement necklaces

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