A Birthday to Remember



Hi Everyone, 🙂

I had a fantabulous birthday. I feel so blessed and thankful for everything in my life. I went offline yesterday. I started my day at around 1ish pm and then it was slow and super slow. All my excitement was back in the evening when I had to dress up. 😀

We decided to go out for dinner with friends and then drive around later fro some drinks. We went to Diva , GK 2 – super bad food and awesome wine. Everyone was felling bad that it was my big day and we ended up at a crappy restaurant. Then we went to the Aman Hotel. It turned out to be one of the awesomest place we had been to. The stunning architecture, the gorgeous collection of art work and brilliant ambiance. We sat there for hours and chatted. I don’t know how time went by. Came back home around 2ish. It was a birthday to remember – one, you guys made it extra special and then I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life. So thanksss a ton all of you. :))

I even got wishes from the shopping brands I shop at. loll!!








Cutting the cake my brother sent me
Image (1)
At Aman – the stunning artwork table, a beautiful urli, artwork in washroom, a gorgeous web in lobby
Image (3)
lovely red wine, pasta, another birthday cake
Got my bag personalized, muffin cutting at 12, cake from jomol
flowers from my brother
photo (10)
The struggle to get the pic clicked : P


Wearing :
Dress : Willow
Shoes : Jimmy Choo
Earrings : Zariin
Bag : Item Number

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