A Verrryyy Happy Diwali to All of You! :)


indian designer white gold lehenga

Hi Everyone, 🙂

First of all wish you all  a very Happy Diwali! I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous year from everyone at IMBB. 🙂

This is my Diwali outfit. Since we were at an absolutely gorgeous location in Koh Samui, we decided to shoot the photos there itself. We shot these photos at a beautiful villa in Four Seasons, Koh Samui. Just like the last Diwali, I ended up a lehenga from Priyal Prakash only. 😀 It was a rainy day so the humidity totally tool toll on my hair but whatever.. 😀

Since the legena was so royal in itself I downplayed the jewellery part. Instead of bangles, I wore big kadas and finished off just a pair of earrings. I wanted to add a touch of green in the outfit so added it though my earrings and potli. 🙂 I also draped the dupatta in a very conservative way..I don’t know I got into the whole traditional mode. 😀 Hope you like it! 🙂

Have a fun and safe Diwali.  I had a verryy busy run since the beginning of November. i already need another holiday. 😀 Going home for a few days. Mom’s pampering might do some good. haha!!

See you all verryyyy sooon! I love you. :-*

koh samui four seasons villa D84A2691 priyal prakash bridal lehenga

D84A2771 bridal gold lehenga white gold lehenga priyal prakash diwali 2015 outfit green potli indian

the sunset after a rainy day in Koh Samui! until next time! : )
the sunset after a rainy day in Koh Samui! until next time! : )

Lehenga : Priyal Prakash
Potli, Bangles : Bought from local shops
Earrings : FabIndia
Makeup breakdown on IMBB HERE

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