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Hiya Everyone, 🙂

This week just flew by for  me. Both work and entertainment were at their peak for me. 😀

A friend took us to a Pan Asian Restaurant at Hotel Sheraton the other day . We were blown away by the food. They serve the best Chinese and the bestest cheese cake I have ever had. I am not a huge cheese cake lover but the chef insisted that we tried it. It was a plain looking simple cheese cake …God! I am so short of words. You have to go try it. Later we got to know that it was an award winning restaurant. Why am I not surprised.

On Friday, Mr Husband went for his office party so I did a little green tea party for myself at home. The tea wasn’t bad though. I think I’d get used to it. 😀

Yesterday Mr Husband and I watched Argo. I was confused between watching Race 2 or Argo. Well IMDB had 8/10 rating for Argo so the decision was made. Ben Affleck did a brilliant job at both directing the movie and acting in it. People literally clapped at the climax (you don’t see that happening too often in South Delhi cinema halls 😛 ). uhhhmazing movie. A must watch.

We watched Avengers on TV again after coming back home. 😛

All in all a good week. Looking forward to another great week. :))

How has your week been? Happy Sunday Everyone. 🙂

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sheraton-pan-asian 1. food at Sheraton, 2. bought flowers for home. 3. tried Raspberry Sorbet at Haagen Dazs 4. had gren tea in the cutest tea cup.

Tea party arrangement for one : P

Argo Trailer :

Wearing :
Jeans, Shoes : Zara
Peacoat : Mango
Tee: Bhane
Bag : Michael Kors

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