Born to Shop. Forced to Work. :D

rajesh pratap dress

In my last post, Noopur asked me about how I shop. Honestly, it got me into thinking because I myself have never thought about it before. But here are some of the points that I like to follow. They work for me, hopefully they might help some of you as well. 🙂

1. Follow your instinct : I am such an instinctive buyer it is not even funny. And I don’t go by the so called ‘fashion rules’. I would always pick what I like – sometimes others don’t like the same thing on me but so far I enjoy wearing it I go for it. And in most cases I like to shop alone. I enjoy that thinking process of how I’d wear that top or a dress…

2. Save the Receipts : Probably the only rule that I religiously follow. 😛 I don’t even know how many times I have bought a piece of clothing and ended up not liking it after a day or a two. I was once telling Jomol that half of my life is getting wasted in exchanging the clothes. 😛 I think when you have an option to exchange you prevent your self from stocking up a whole lot of rubbish in your wardrobe. Although I still end up having a ton of junk but we won’t talk about that. 😀

3. Shop when you can not exactly when you have to : I follow this rule for every thing except Indian-wear. If I like really really like and I have no occasion to wear it yet, I would most probably buy it and would wear it when the time is right. This Rajesh Pratap kimono dress I picked up somewhere in January. It is only on a recent lunch that I wore it for. I follow this tip for shoes and bags, especially. I personally never end up finding things at the last moment and I don’t like that feeling. 😛 Plus as they say’ if you can’t stop thinking about it,buy it. ” 😀

4. Browse online shopping websites :  I LOVE browsing through online shopping sites. Don’t tell me that you don’t waste time doing that. 😛 There are only a few online shops that I actually buy from and I like to stick to them. A lot of time I also get styling tips on how to wear some crazy style but most of the time I end up swiping my credit card. I can’t say that they save a lot of time (because clearly they don’t :P) but since online shops are better curated than the real shops I end up picking up better clothes. Some of my favourite indian online shops are jabong (mostly for gymwear), amazon(for everything), perniaspopupshop(for checking out new Indian designers), nykaa(for makeup), zara (for time passing  and checking ‘what’s new’ because they don’t do shipping), mango. There are some international sites that I shop from but I always crib about paying customs but still ( matchesfashion, asos, farfetch,freepeople,netaporter,shopbop) .

5. Avoid Sales : I hate shopping during the sale time. Mostly because they kill my love for shopping and I end up buying all kinds of weird things… I personally find myself a bad sale shopper. But I always look for sales online especially for designer wear. And if I get a good deal, I’d go for it. Be very careful of what you pick during the sale season. I feel sale season is time to invest in expensive stuff rather than saving money on all kinds of junk.

So these are my tips. I feel fashion is about having fun and dressing up the way you want to. Some people may like your style, some people may not. What is important is whether you like your style. And I personally like to experiment every now and then. Sometimes I dress up crazy and I laugh at myself about ‘what was I thinking’. But I LOVVEEE the whole process of dressing up – sometimes fun, sometimes mad and sometimes ‘according to the rules’. Makeup and clothes never harm you, just have fun with them. 🙂

I would love to know your tips and tricks on how you shop! 🙂 And I will see you all very soon!! We crossed 40 Lakh Facebook fans on IMBB. It’s a celebration time at our end. Thank you all of you for being part of our lives. It means a lot to each one of us. mwwwaahhh!! 🙂


Dress : Rajesh Pratap Singh
Shoes : Givenchy
Sunglasses : Thom Browne

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