50 Random Facts About Me


Hi Everyone,

I thought it’s been long I have done a fun post. I thought I’d do one today. So here are some random weird facts about me. 😛 Have a great week ahead everyone. 🙂

  1. Tomorrow is my birthday. And I am SUPPERRR DUUUPERR excited. 😀
  2. It rains on my birthday every year…at least so far it has.
  3. I enjoy watching movies at the theatre more than I enjoy watching them at home.
  4. I love my name. Mainly because my dad named me. It reminds me of that little special daddy-daughter connection I have with my dad. 🙂
  5. I stay away from people who are highly opinionated.
  6. I have a tendency of forgetting things, especially the exact words used during the fight. And that leads to another fight. Damn!
  7. I used to be very short tempered while growing up. My mom used to call me Durvasa Muni.hihih Now I don’t get angry too often.
  8. When I was 10 years old, I wanted a barbie doll. But my mom was not getting one for me. So I cooked up a story about how my teacher wouldn’t let me go on a picnic if I didn’t have a barbie doll. My mom got me a doctor barbie after that but don’t think she bought my story. 😛 I think she just wanted me to be happy. Aww mom!
  9. Faux Pas is my third blog that I write for sheer pleasure.
  10. I am very comfortable with my body even on days when I have love handles. 😛 I know the art of ignoring. Not sure if it is a good thing. hihih
  11. I don’t like watching a movie without a tub of popcorn. But sometimes I resist.
  12. I can’t have cold meals…cold soups, cold salads, left over cold food..sometimes even cold desserts. I want everything warm.
  13. Pink, orange and black are my favourite colors.
  14. I am overly positive and excited 6 out of 7 days in a week. 😛
  15. Tea is my favourite beverage. I also enjoy going to tea rooms.
  16. I can have muffin on any given day, at any given time. 😀
  17. I take excessive number of photos with my phone. I mean I click picture of India Gate probably every weekend on my way to office. 😐
  18. I can go out of home every single day. A walk till a coffee shop,which is 10 minutes away from home, freshens me up.
  19. Sanjeev is my favourite gossip friend. 😛
  20. I love Delhi.
  21. I love and hate Balika Vadhu and I can’t stop watching it. loll!!!
  22. I was very good at Maths during school time.
  23. Lana Del Rey is my current girl crush.
  24. Ranbir Kapoor became my favourite actor after I saw him at the Imperial Hotel. 😛
  25. I take time to warm up to people.
  26. I like bags more than shoes even though I have more shoes than bags.
  27. I like vintage things A LOT. Sadly we don’t have many options in Delhi.
  28. Youtube video ads with no ‘skip ad’ option annoy me.
  29. I have at least 6 tabs open on my laptop at any given time.
  30. I make typos every single day. #tyopqueen.
  31. I find it difficult to sleep during the day.
  32. I don’t remember when was the last time I read a newspaper.
  33. I was obsessed with food shows but now I have stopped watching them completely.
  34. I have a very thick skin for criticism. Sorry, haters. 😛
  35. Coconut and amla oils give me headache.
  36. I hate honey in any form.
  37. I love Gin and lime but I have’t had it since ages now.
  38. One Direction is my favourite band atm.
  39. I like summers more than winters.
  40. Calvin and Hobbes is my favourite cartoon.
  41. I don’t enjoy long flights. Anything more than 2 hours of flying is long for me.
  42. A lot of people say that my brother and I look like twins. I am a female version of him and vice versa. 😛
  43. I was a non-hugger for the longest time. But now I like to hug people.
  44. Sanjeev and I have been going to Moet’s Sizzler’s for 9 years now.
  45. I don’t enjoy cooking AT ALL.
  46. I never leave the house without my phone, wallet and watch.
  47. I don’t like to give account of how much I have spent on a shopping trip. 😛 My dad never asked me. Sometimes Sanjeev asks and I get offended. Hmphh!!
  48. I get asked if I dye my hair black at least once a month. I have jet black hair. My mom has them. It’s unreal.
  49. I enjoy doing still photography….a little. 🙂
  50. I have a habit of bowing my head in front of religious places.






Wearing :
Skirt : Asos
Top : Mango
Shoes : Steve Madden
Bag : Zara
Neckpiece : F21

So tell me some facts about you? 🙂

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