Coffee Date

I had a very very rough day today. It was really not funny. But since I had an awesome evening to look forward to, who cared? 🙂 I went to the salon in the evening; got myself pampered a bit. Came back home and had fun dressing up. I was all set to go. The party was absolutely fabulous.

While coming back Sanjeev and I decided to stop for a cup of coffee. I love these late night coffee dates. I have so many memories also attached with ‘late night cup of coffee’.  We were having fun clicking photees, and one of our neighbors recognized us. Apparently he recognized us because he has seen us clicking photos before as well. hihihi

It was a great evening, and an awesome date. Off to sleep now. Nite nite. 🙂

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I am on Instagram #shameless-self-promotion #follow me at rati_imbb : D

Patiiiiiiiii : D

Full outfit piccy!

Dress : Mango
Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Clutch : Love To Bag

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