Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Delhi

punjabi jutis

Mr. Husband and I spent the later half of the day at Dastkar Nature Bazaar today. Dastkar is a society for crafts and craftspeople. It’s an NGO that aims at promoting traditional crafts. If you have been to Dilli Haat, you’d find Dastkar Bazaar something similar to that but, I’d say, better. Craftsmen from across the country participate in the bazaar and present so many beautiful crafts with them for people to enjoy. The place is a treat for the eyes- from the gorgeous textiles to colorful pottery to stunning jutis and to a lot of home decor stuff. It just makes you feel proud of the immense talent that our country carries.

Sadly we went on the second last day, and a whole lot of stuff was already sold out. I did a bit of shopping, which I’d share with you in coming days. Mr. Husband had fun capturing the beauty of the place. 9th November is the last day of the Nature’s Bazaar. You may check the details on their Facebook page HERE

Enjoy the pics. All clicked by Sanjeev. 🙂

dastkar bazaar delhi

dastkar delhi

happy faces

Tila kulfi : P

dastkar textiles


The adorable little girl in abaya : )
elephant poo stuff


Little birdies – Peck!


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