Diwali Home Decor

diwali urli

Hi Everyone. 🙂

Nandini asked me do some decor posts on Diwali. Well! although the actual decoration would happen on the Diwali day itself but these are some of the many things that would be prettifying my home. 😀

A gorgeous Rajasthani blue work urli that I picked up from Dastakar. It is a lovely decor piece in itself but for Diwali, fresh flower petals and some floating candles would beautify the pot. 🙂

diwali home decor

Some zari work and tissue gift boxes,which I have filled up with dry fruits and chocolates.

diwali gifts

Dry leaves scented candles on an embellished tray.

diwali candles

A ganesh carved diya. On Diwali, I’d fill it up with oil and light it.

diwali 2012

Just revived my DIY Coffee Beans candles to DIY fresh flower candles. 🙂

diy candles

So how are your Diwali decorations coming along? Do share the tips. 🙂

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