DIY Coffee Bean Candles

tea lights

My house is buzzing with workers and I am quite stuck at home. To evade the little madness, I lit up my room last night with aroma candles and did a bit of craft work. I have been making crafts since I was in class 5. Thanks to mom who used to enroll me in every possible craft class during summer and winter holidays. In fact, a month before my wedding she enrolled me for a painting class so that I could take that painting to my future home. Rest all the stuff that I have made over the years, she has asked me to make it again (since now I had the talent 😛) for my own home. Who has ever won an argument with mom? 😛


I made these little coffee bean candles that I have been wanting to do since ages. All the stuff mentioned in this post is preference based. Add or subtract as per your fancy.

Stuff you’d need:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Glass Pebbles
  • Tea Lights
coffee beans
  • Gold round balls to add a bit of glam. I plucked mine from the dry flower stick I happen to have.
  • Glasses. I love my crockery with golden rims. You can use any glass- vodka shot, martini, wine glass etc.

glass with gold-rims

Simple :

  • In a glass, add first layer of coffee beans.
  • Then place the pebbles on top of the coffee beans.

coffee bean candles

  • Then place the golden ball.
  • Place tea light right on top.

DIY coffee bean candles

Ta da! You are done. Light the tea lights and make them look pretty. 🙂 The tea lights warm the coffee beans and the beans then exude that warm coffee aroma in the atmosphere. It sort of sounds wintery but I love the smell off coffee any time of the year.
Until next time!
tealight candles


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