European Winters – Vienna, Austria

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

First of all sorry for the lack of Monday post. Sanjeev and I left for Europe on early Monday morning so I couldn’t keep up with the schedule. Anyway, I’d try to compensate for it in coming days. 🙂

We were contemplating doing our next trip. The choice was between Australian summers or European winters. Well, we chose the latter because we had never done anything like this before. We are a total summer people. We literally run away from winter destinations. The only winter holidays we have done so far are going to hill stations in summers. hihih. So we took up the challenge. It was a very last moment decision but I am soooo glad we are doing this.

This is the craziest kind of cold that we are experiencing. It’s around 2-3 degrees here. No matter how many layers you put, you would still feel cold. But what’s amazing is the gorgeous nature – the light rain washes the streets, the orange leaves work as a red carpet and chill in the air teases you. It almost looks like a dream.

We have been moving at our pace – stopping by to take pics or sipping some hot wine. Hope you enjoy the pics. I will share more posts in coming days.

Loave you loadsss. Sending you kisses from Vienna. 🙂

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The very grand schonbrunn palace
The very grand schonbrunn palace
soaking in!
soaking in!
beautiful architecture at the palace
beautiful architecture at the palace
schonbrunn palace christmas-market
schonbrunn palace christmas market
austria christmas market 2014
anyone for warm wine?
anyone for hot chocolate?
May I help you?
May I help you?
starbucks wien
vienna christmas market
Buy my pretzels! : )
Best friends
Best friends
wien christmas market
see you soon!! : )

Cardigan : Levis
Shoes, Scarf : Zara
Skirt Etsy (had a bad experience with the seller so not giving out the seller’s name)
Beret : old
Lipstic : YSL Rouge Couture 1

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