Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6


Hiya Everyone,

It was pretty much a movie weekend for me. I watched 3 movies – Fast and Furious 6, Brave and The Lion King.

Fast and Furious 6 we watched on big screen. As usual F&F movies are all about action, good cars, race and greek godly fit actors :P. Overall, a full masala movie and a good paisa vasool. 😀 It was an excellent edge-of the seat entertainment. Definitely watch it. The best part was that it wrapped up with a promise to return with Fast and Furious 7. 😛 I LOVED the movie!

Sanjeev has been wanting to watch Brave for a while. It was airing on HBO(I think) on Saturday. This was a usual cute Disney movie but I liked the story. Okay, I lied. I was so glued to her Merida’s hair that I was not too interested in the story of the movie. I just wanted her to be on the screen all the time. 😛 I lovvvved her accent too. It gets a 6/5 from me. 😀


And then was the Lion King. I have watched it so many times but I can watch it over and over again. This video below, Sanjeev showed it me during our dating days. He used to imitate the dog’s dance moves.  lol!! Don’t miss Hippo’s eyes. 😀

Have a great week ahead everyone. :)) What did you do on your weekend?

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