Good Friends and Good Movies! :))

Auni and I working on a perfect click! : P ; my friends and Mrs Blossom Kochhar for a tea party at home, Sanjeev and I after the Great Gatsby, Selfie Selfie! : D

Hiya Everyone,

Last week has been pretty happening for me. I got to spend time with some of my favourite people. I wish I get to do this more often but everyone lives so far away.. πŸ™

Sanjeev and I watched two movies this week. The Great Gatsby and Mirror Mirror. The Great Gatsby was just brilliant. I just went to see the 20s fashion in the movie. But the whole subject of the movie and brilliant performances by Leonardo de Caprio and Tobey Maguire kept everyone glued till the end. Mr Bachhan had a very small but a meaningful one. He looked quite chic if I may add that. πŸ˜€

Mirror Mirror was a Snow White story. It was showing on HBO last night. I love Julia Roberts so I had to watch it. It was a perfect Sunday night movie – chilled out and funny.

I also went to Hauz Khas Village after ages yesterday. It’s becoming my favourite place to hang out. That is probably the only place in Delhi that has a little old world charm to it. New cafes are coming up every week. The more you explore the place, the more it intrigues you. We went to Edward’s yesterday, which is a brother concern of Elma’s. It was just okay. I was expecting the same kind of magic that Elma’s has but it was not the case. Β Don’t think I am going back there.

hauz khas Edward's
Nappa Dori camera bag, pancakes, minestrone soup

This week we have a trip planned. I am not too excited about the place because there have been such mixed reactions from people. Β But you know with travel no two people have the same kind experiences. So looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

Btw am I the only one who thinks that this year is just flying away?? 😐

How has your week been? πŸ™‚ Have a great week ahead everyone! :))


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