Grace Coddington – A Memoir

Grace Coddington – A Memoir



There are days when I don’t find any time to read. And there are days that keep me hooked to a book until I read every last page of it. Grace, A Memoir by Grace Coddington turned out to be a book that I wanted to eat every bit of it.

Grace Coddington is a Creative Director of Vogue America. She has done some iconic photoshoots for Vogue and is especially famous for her romantic fashion features. This book is in true sense a memoir of her beautiful life. She talks about her early career as a model, her personal relationships, a brutal accident, her friendships with photographers, designers, makeup artists , her relationship with Anna Wintour and most importantly her cats. 🙂 There are beautiful personal pictures of her and her noted work over the years.That makes the book even more interesting. You may read more about the book HERE

You have to be really interested in fashion and especially in knowing about Grace Coddington to enjoy this book. I personally loved every bit of her story telling. As her assistant puts for her that Grace has a life worth telling. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

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