Hail Ya! Weekend

Hiya Everyone, 🙂

How is the weekend coming along? My Saturday was quite slow but I sort of did some self entertainment by going out in the evening. 😀 I spent the last evening sipping coffee, munching muffins, browsing through some glossies, and doing some window shopping. I mean real shopping is fun but window shopping is funner more fun. 😛

Today is regular office. Mr Husband and I went out for a lunch to our favourite Nirula’s Pot Pourri. Both of us had a Buffet Salad. I am personally not a huge fan of salads. I like my meals to be warm. I think I like the whole view of the salad spread laid on an ice bed than the salad itself. So, salad it was for lunch today. 😀

This past week we have dined so many times at Big Chill. It is slowly becoming our super favourite place. Caution – stay away from their ‘Veg Baked Potato’. Bland Bland Bland!

I finally dropped reading “The Casual Vacancy”. It couldn’t hold my interest a bit. And after reading some reviews online, I was convinced that I could not go further with the book. So might pick up something else now.

Also, I have totally lost interest in all these Food Shows. Master Chef is over. I was happy Andy won but now I am bored. Yaaawwwnn!! Actually the credit for my ‘lost’ interest goes to Mr Husband. He kept saying ” it’s all staged” “how do you know they are not the real chefs? “. And now I am done watching all master chefs.  Good Luck guys.:P

Anyhoo, so far so good. How is the weekend coming along for you guys? :))

Mr Husband looking super elated with his beer. : P
nirulas potpourri salad
nirulas potpourri salad – my plate
nirulas potpourri salad
nirulas potpourri salad – His Plate
Aborable cylindrical chocolate cupcakes at Bread n More – GK 1 N Block Market
yesterday evening
zara winter 2012
Zara mannequins are making me crave for winters

And I HAD to add this! 😛

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