Happy Beginnings! :)

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Hi Everyone,

Sanjeev and I are back. 🙂 It was such a nice relaxing holiday. After so long I woke up and not worried about the ’emails’ and ‘blog posts’. It felt quite good. Although I wouldn’t want to wake up everyday and have nothing to do, once in a while it feels awesome. I spent hours reading a book by the pool side, sleeping, roaming around, chit chatting and doing ‘nothing’. 😀

It was quite a fun idea to take a mini getaway within the city. Best thing was that there was very less travelling or packing to do. 😛

Very refreshed and ready for the busy life again. Sanjeev and I plan to do such mini holidays more often now. 🙂

Btw, Hyatt was great but it didn’t have any history or much to offer except good relaxing rooms and excellent service. It wasn’t like Umaid Bhawan. 🙂

How was your Holiday yesterday? 🙂 There is another one tomorrow I believe. 😀 Any special plans? 🙂

hyatt delhi holiday

chilling out by the pool side / breakfast/ sweets/ brownies in dessert buffet

waiting for lunch to be served

hyatt regency delhi holiday

mini cakes/ finished reading ‘The little black book of style’/shoes scattered / gulab jamuns for Mr Husband. 😛 

indian fashion blog

Leather pants, knit, shoes : Zara
Bag : Charles & Keith

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