Finally, Sanjeev and I went to watch Heroine yesterday. Honestly, Kareena made the movie bearable or else we’d have decided to leave the hall during the interval only. 😛 Btw there was a total of 10 people in the hall. hihihi.

I loved the clothes and the makeup in the movie. There were so many looks Kareena rocked in one single movie, and she rocked each one of them. Her acting was class apart. She totally deserves all respect for that. Fashion wise, I am so getting the Ray Ban Wayfarers that she is wearing through out the movie.

But other than that, I felt Mandhur Bhandarkar was quite confused about how he wanted his heroine’s character to be. He could have shown a story of a successful actress as well. Every profession has a dirty side of it but showing a positive side always leaves an impact on the audience. Heroine, despite all its hype, was completely a forgettable movie. I can probably re-watch it on TV mainly for the gorgeous dresses, creative makeup and modern decor. But otherwise I am disappointed.

Anyway, how is the day coming along for you guys? 🙂

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