Home Sweet Home!

I went to my Mom’s home for past two days. It’s kinda funny that I take ages to plan to go to mum’s place and when I actually go, time just flies by. We came back last night and since morning I had been so missing everyone at home. It’s a weird feeling. Not that I don’t love my present home but nothing can replace that feeling of being at mom’s home. The house feels oozing with love, affection and pampering. And suddenly when you come back to your home, time feels still. It’s like someone has waved his magic wand and suddenly the magic is over.

I miss you ma!

Miss Jo Black Sunglasses

stars white shirt

zara black wedges

mango feathers necklace

zara striped black pants

green bag

Wearing :
Drawstrings , Top , Wedges : Zara
Bag : Fashionandyou.com
Sunglasses : Miss Jo
Neckpiece : Mango
Earrings : Forever21

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6 Responses to Home Sweet Home!

  1. shwetha says:

    wow u r awesome…..i love ur blog

  2. gurpreet says:

    aaah those shoes are worth dying for.. i will def pick it up if i visit zara

  3. jomol says:


  4. Tara says:

    Awwww Rati, u have described the feeling so aptly!!!! Lot of puchchis n hugs 🙂 🙂

  5. shajeela says:

    OMG i’m a big fan of Green and green bag… i need one

  6. Shai says:

    I almost ordered that bag! And then I changed to a red-orange on instead. Will look for it next time. Love, love, love the shoes.

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