What and How to Shop at Zara

What and How to Shop at Zara

what to shop at zara

This is requested post by Ankita. 🙂

When Zara opened in New Delhi, India a few years back, I was at the mall attending a makeup event. And I didn’t go to Zara.  Why? Because Zara had more people in their store that day than a celebrity would attract. It was INSANE.

But now Zara is my favourite store to shop at. It took me a while to really figure out how things work at Zara but now I have a mini Zara store at my home only. lol!! What can I say, I am addicted. 😛

Let’s start with what all you can buy from Zara and then I’d cover little tips and tricks.

Basic Tees: Zara offers the most amazing collection of tees that you may find. Their TRF section is a hub of all kinds of tees. I feel for tees, it is best to wait for the sale season to stock up on them. They go to as low as Rs 200 or even less during sale season. You’d find a variety of materials in tees but I like the ones that are of flowy material. They don’t snug at all the wrong places, they fall beautifully and are very comfy. When looking for printed tees such as THIS, I look for a thin material. And these stay as it is after tons of washes. I have some tees that are two years old and I still wear them. 

Zara Basic Tees

Denims : Whether it is your regular denims or coloured denims, Zara does it all and it does it amazingly. I always look for the coloured denim section for any new colors they may have introduced. But even some of their regular blue denims have amazing fit. Now Zara introduces one fit of denim in many colours and they are all stacked at the same place. The best thing to do is that if you find a great fit in one color, you can always pick up another shade in same fit.

Regarding regular denims, I would say it is tough. Out of the 5 trips to Zara I’d probably have one trip where I’d find one pair of denim that I really like. But when has a jean shopping been easy??

Coloured denims zara

Blazers : You gotta pick up blazers from ZARA ALWAYS! They could be your best investment pieces. Printed, plain, sequinned, long, short… they have it all. And sizes don’t vary too much in Zara blazers. I go by the same rule, if I like the fit of one style, it is highly probable that I’d pick up another one in a different color/ print. The hot pink blazer in first pic is the variation of the black blazer that I am wearing in the 3rd pic shown below. The material and quality of blazers are really good.

Zara Blazers Shoes : Some of my favourite heels and flats are from Zara. With heels, I would always try and walk in them. If I am finding any difficulty walking in them, I wouldn’t buy them. And 95% time of the time I have not found any variation in the size. I have bought a lot of wrong heels but this tip of walking has helped me come a long way.

Zara Shoes Accessories : Zara offers some of the cosiest, softest and prettiest scarves all year round.

Always keep a check at their Accessories section and you may find some stunning statement neckpieces. In fact Zara stays bang updated with the trends. I was hunting for THESE rings since April and finally found them in Zara in July.

zara statement neckpiece

Some basic tips for shopping at Zara:

  • Zara keeps its stock very updated. So I personally check their stock every 10 days or so. And if you visit Zara too often, you’d somehow know which section to find the best pieces.
  • If you like something A LOT…I mean A LOT, buy it the same day or get it reserved for a day. Atleast in Delhi, Zara’s stuff moves at a speed of thought. You’d like something and you’d think you’d buy it later on… in most cases it wouldn’t work. It’d be sold out.
  • One of the most amazing policies at Zara is refund and exchange within 30 days. Just keep the receipt safe. Don’t do the refunds too often because I am not sure what would happen in that case.
  • I am not a huge fan of button ups at Zara. In most cases the buttons are poorly sewn. I liked their silk shirts during winters but summer cotton shirts have not held up too well for me. A mix material is the best option to opt for. But I still keep a lookout for something that I may like. I fix the buttons at home. Regarding sizing, if I am buying a shirt that is cut in a curvy way from the sides, I’d buy a size up. If it is a regular button up , I’d buy it in the regular size that I wear. This helps prevent straining around the buttons and your shirt would fit properly.
  • Zara is well known to bring designer inspired stuff to its stores but sometimes it gets way too close to the original stuff. Which pretty much is a plagiarism of sorts. If I am aware of the original product, I just cannot buy the ‘inspired’ product from Zara. But if I am not aware of the original product, I might as well end up buying the copy and hope that I don’t get aware of it. 😛
Left Louis Vuitton, Right : Zara
valentino red shoes
Left Valentino, right Zara
    • Regarding sizing, as I mentioned that you have to visit often. Zara comes up with set of clothes. For example, in a certain style of tee you’d have an option in terms of colors or prints.  I rarely ever try on the tees or shirts now. I try my blazers, and shoes outside (once you find your size, you’d notice that there is not much variation is shoe or blazer sizes). But bottoms I just wouldn’t buy without trying no matter what. Sometimes if I am too lazy, I’d just buy it. Try it at home. If I like it, I’d keep it. If not, I’d take my refund or pick something else.
    • This tip came from @priyadarshini17 on Twitter : TRF section  offers low costing options so you can scout that area if you are on a budget. And petite people can try the sizes in kids section- 13-14year old.
    • Zara offers excellent collection of bags as well. But now I don’t buy them until I really really like something. I look for clutches now. Zara offers some amazing budget options for everyday wear. TRF is the place to look for. They are mostly hung on stands or on hooks. Main bags are on the top shelves in the main store. Also check the tags for the material. You may find some excellent pure leather bags that would last you seasons.
    • I am not sure if this tip would be helpful or not. Let’s accept that Zara is an expensive store. But I have noticed that if you are willing to pay a little more, you would be able to find very good quality stuff. So may be you are able to pick up just one thing, it would last you long and would look more expensive than what you might have actually paid for.
    • I go shopping alone because I need to THINK when I am shopping. 😛

Overall ,  I am a hugggee fan of Zara. I have tried almost everything from their store. I have found prettiest of blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, coats… and just about everything clothing related at Zara. You can get some really unique picks as from their shelves.. such as THESE pants.  It’s actually about spending a bit of time at the store. You would be able to find something that suits your needs and demands. 

Hope you find this post helpful. If you have more queries, let me know in the comments below. I’d try to help you out. 🙂

And if you also have some tips on how to shop at Zara, please do share. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone. :))

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