My Bag Secrets! Shhhh!!

chanel boy bag

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I have decided to do posts every Monday and Thursday on Faux Pas. But since I took this decision last night only, I couldn’t wait till Thursday. 😛

I have done this tag ages back but since my bag contents change almost everyday, I thought I’d do this post again. I was carrying this bag yesterday. It’s my very adorable Chanel Boy Bag (very difficult to click photos of :P).  It looks small but holds all the important stuff. I am sort of shifting more towards smaller bags now because I feel they keep me  organized. The bigger a bag I carry, the more things I tend to carry with me. 😐 Does this happen with you as well?

Anyway, have a great week ahead everyone. :))

zariin earrings
These are a recent purchase from Zariin. But these would be my go to earrings for a lot of occasions. I wore them yesterday
Inside my bag. Looks small but holds a lot of stuff!

rati bagAnd that’s what’s inside my bag. 🙂

Crabtree and Evelyn Handcream, Inglot Palette, a neon card + cash holder, mints, Chanel Chance sample bottle, Geurlain kiss kiss gloss (obsessed with glosses these days 😀 ) , some document, pink pen :P, a little handmade paper diary, business cards ( don’t carry them with me mostly. I don’t like giving out my business cards. Very weird I know. :P), safety pins, Alenlibe, camera, NYX lip balm in Grazie, TBS Kabuki brush, comb ( I need a prettier one), and also a lip brush (not in the pic).

Forgot to click the phone. My most important thing.. but that should be a part of ‘what’s in my hand’. 😛

I’d love to see what’s in your bag. So please do post your ‘what’s in my bag’ pictures on my Facebook page. :)) It’s be funnn!! 😀

What all do you carry in your bag? 🙂

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