Last day in Kovalam, Kerala

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Hi Everyone,

We came back to Delhi last night. It’s almost like live open happening here. Soo hott!!!

Yesterday was so emotional for both of us that we spent atleast an hour contemplating about extending our stay. Both of us just wanted to stay back..just for another day. Not sure what exactly was so good about the stay – the people, the weather, the natural beauty, the peace or just each other’s company. But you know, after weighing all the options we decided to comeback.

The weather turned beautiful yesterday at Kovalam. It rained for a while and then it was cool through out the day. We spent our day roaming around in Vivanta. The evening was really enchanting. We sat on the beach for hours listening to the sound of waves and enjoying the mist of the sea.

It was an emotional good bye but with a promise that we would be visiting Kerala very soon again. 

I hope you enjoyed this trip with us. Going to go through all the comments now. :))

best kerala hotels
I never stop!
kerala hotels
Always leaving our marks behind!
kerala 5 star hotels
Want to keep walking through them
Adding color to life!
He being goofy : P
the lagoon
Kerala sea
gush of life!

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27 Responses to Last day in Kovalam, Kerala

  1. Surabhi says:

    Awww.. I read it and I could feel your emotions. It happens, some places never leave us and sometimes we never leave some places. Glad you had a great time. It was showing in the pics 🙂

    I loved your maxi Rati. I love maxi dresses.. but since I am short I dont know if they would look good on me 🙁 But you know what.. I got a wedge with abt 4 inch heel.. tallest heel of my life 😀 I am soo going to shun this saint(ly) life here in A&N and indulge in trends.. hihihi..

    You look sooooooo pretty.. sweet.. chic.. (and what not) in the first pic. I am continuously scrolling up and looking at it. Muuuuuuaaaahhhh.. :-* :-*

    • Rati says:

      Thank you surabhi. It was just divine, :)) Oh yeah I think maxi dresses can be worn by everyone. They are so comfy and you live in a perfect place to wear a maxi dress. 😛 Thanks. :))

  2. Shilpa says:

    U wr luking awsm Rati in all ur outfits and i completly enjoyd the trip wth u guys…great…:)

  3. jomol says:

    Hehehe Rati, I told you so :P, want more kerala posts on faux pas……Sanjeevji….bahoot beautiful clicks and Rati :* :*

  4. Aru says:

    Wud love to see u in dresses Surabhi. Make itmhappen soon

    • Surabhi says:

      Aru.. your comment is giving me goosebumps..!! hihihi.. have bought a summery dress.. will try to flaunt.. hihi
      And you look super cute in short dresses.. your denim dress! 😀 Btw, you guys should come to A&N.

      Ratiiii… you have to.. have to.. have to come here. We don’t have Taj/Oberois in A&N.. but there are some decent 3 stars hotels. And guess what, I can take you to a private island.. 😉

      • Aru says:

        Wud love to. Thanks. Shud come when rati/sanjeev come so that i can see their photo shoot 🙂 me n my husband wud be happy with 3 star hotels. Can’t do the hi-fi stuff that these guys do. Hehehehe.

  5. Aru says:

    Very pretty Rati. Love maxi dresses. Though it is supposed to be a ‘casual’ outfit will wear it with heels like Surabhi said. I love kerala. Had been to kumarakom for my h’moon. After the busy wedding rituals it was so perfect to be in such a calm place. And our wedding anniversary falls in aug so a mix of rain, sun was really perfect.

    • Rati says:

      I love august time.. my birthday month and it gets just perfect around that time to travel and enjoy the weather. Thank you.. :)) I really want to go back to kerala again, especially to experience the intense backwaters!! 🙂

  6. Janhavi says:

    Love this dress and I can totally feel what you went through on your last day. There really is some kind of haunting beauty in kerala that makes you feel so relaxed 😀 glad you had such an awesome trip ! here’s to many more !

    • Rati says:

      yeah j doo, I agree. there is something about kerala that just wants you to stay back. And yeah here’s to many more. :))

  7. Mishti says:

    Awww, i can totally understand how you must be feeling. I have never been to kerela, but now looking at your posts its definitely my firstt choice for holiday vacation. 🙂

  8. Esha says:

    All good things come to an end.. 🙁 sometimes you just don’t want to believe this na… I can understand how you feel..nothing beats the feeling of togetherness you get with your beloved far from the maddening crowd and at an enchanting place like Kerala.. Welcome back to Delhi.. :hugs:

  9. UR says:

    Loved the snaps.Thank you so much for sharing.They don’t call Kerala ‘God’s own Country’ for nothing:)

  10. Dita says:

    Haha that picture in the mirror

  11. pia says:

    i so agree with the way u feel sweety.. there is something so enchanting abt kerala.. even we felt the same way as u guys.. we dint wanna come back n wanted to stay back another day.. hehe.. 🙂 🙂

  12. Maxi’s look gorgeous on your frame sweety ! this one’s a stunner too!

  13. TA says:

    I wanna go there….btw is all Kerala so boootiful or is it the Taj magic? You look sweet Rati 🙂

  14. pinky says:

    u lookin damn cute in that floral hawaiin maxi!!!!!:)really loved it and did u fall in love with maxi these days???????u r killing with each one of them rati:):)

  15. sandhya says:

    rati di kerala is truly enchanting more so in Tg sir’s pictures! these days I am looking more at the pictures than at your photos!!!!!! 🙂 sorry but he is doing an awesome job! btb you are to visit kerala soon and soon in your language means ?????????????????????? but i agree the relaxation that kerala offers cannnot be satied in one visit! if you want a similar atmosphere but could do with a little lessbeautiful palce then please do visit pondicherry it gives a similar feel! superb place to unwind!

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