London Diaries 2017

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Sanjeev and I are travelling to London once again. We came here a few months back only for my birthday, I did not know that we’d come back so soon already. We absolutely love this place. We are staying in a cozy apartment here, cooking our meals, working from here and just enjoying the slow pace of life for a while. We came here with big plans of travelling but the weather has been so unfavourable to travel anywhere around that we are quite stuck where we are. But it’s all good. I am not complaining. This was the change I was really looking forward to. I hope you enjoy the photos. Will share more soon. Please nudge Sanjeev a bit to click more photos, alright. He is being super lazy. 😛
Loove you all. Mwwaaah! 🙂

late night flight and that bag that always gets me in trouble at the airpots. Still love it! : D


first view London
Enjoying my morning coffee
Slippery roads!
the little wonderlands!
always cold ankles. Might as well wear fishnets : P
ancient church
nom nom!
when they make art of garbage : D
I click you, you click me : D
IMBB Headquarters these days!
my kitchen stories! : D
Nature’s mirror!
check out those houses by the canal! They wake up to this view!
endless cups of caffeine!
these boats are homes of people ! They live in these! : )
some times they invite you in and you can dine in! : )
making memories!
wind in my hair!
row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily merrily for life is a dream! : )
art scenes around the corner
who is walking and who is stationery?
Fancy salt : D
lazy cold day!
Ghar ka khaana in London town! : )
life by the canal!
As the sun dawns!
I know ‘exactly’ how to dress up on a rainy day : P
want to peep inside these homes!
this one – Forever! : D
that romantic bridge!
My happy zone…always!
Red boots – obsessed!
Risotto and chicken kinda date! : D
best dessert of my life EVER! Apple crumble pie with salted caramel icecream. I died and went to heaven. : P
Until next time! : )
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25 Responses to London Diaries 2017

  1. The whole post is a proof that winters are for coffee, snuggling, cuddling and love!!
    Love the ‘rainy’ white outfit and your new belt. Have fun you two! 🙂
    P.S. – We want more pics! We want more pics! We want more pics!

  2. sumera says:

    The morning coffee pic is epic and i so want that desser though don’t want to die alonh as i have a Little One to be looked after ?

  3. Rehnuma says:

    Aww.. Nice and cozy photos. I am loving these. And the “Enjoying my morning coffee” tagged photo made me to lost at that for some moments. How much I want this cozy “Myself” moments, having sip of coffee besides the window with a book and laptop (not for working, though) Only I know. :Sigh:
    Have a great time.

    P.S.: yes, we want more photos, we want more photos, we want more photos 😀

  4. The pictures oh my geee! Amazing post and thoroughly enjoyed going through it 🙂 Have a fab time in London town!

  5. Neetu Tewari says:

    Aww.. the pics are truly mesmerizing, make me visit downtown now. I loved all the pics cute cuddly and you luk so well maintained even working at home :hatsoff I am loving the long coat trends and you pulled them with so hotness gosh, last i was in a store trying them out and didn’t muster courage to get it. You gave us serious motivation for so many things now 🙂 Gorgeous looks while cooking, cuddling, outing always love and look forward to your travel post.

    • Rati says:

      OMG! is it? I have always worn long coats. Sometimes I feel people get tired of seeing me in long coats. 😛 I think you should totally get some of them in your wardrobe. These are so cozy and look chic at the same time. 🙂

      • Neetu Tewari says:

        yes I remember your posts with perfect clicks and use to wonder how can I try this long coat luk but in no vain. But then its not easy to carry it off so like always I say this hats off to ppl like you, how you guys carry them with hotness factor! And then my hubby a big creepy, when I show him the trial he wud tell me it luks like you wearing your dad’s morning gown huh :headbang
        But jokes aside, I will try it one day when I will be in gud shape 🙂

  6. Pavithra says:

    Hi rati… i love the ghar ka khaana…happy to see you enjoying all the things from your soul, thats the reason we all love and admire you for ever..good from heart you always….

  7. Smita T says:

    Gorgeous pics ! The pic of you two is adorable !!

  8. Akanksha says:

    Mesmerized. Love how the pics are so old-wordly. You look gorgeous as usual. And daal chawal in London… Aah.. aur Kya chahiye

  9. Preeti Rana says:

    I miss your posts on fauxpas Rati.
    These pics are droolworthy ? & yew are looking hot as always.

  10. shilpa says:

    You look chic in that white coat 🙂

  11. Nams says:


    These wanted me to visit London,which i am thinking since a long.
    Was lovely nice view to-see.
    I would also like to have one post about you and Sanjeev relationship,I mean not detail but something that you would like to share because,I feel you both make a couple that shares a common ‘Vision’ in life (correct me if i am wrong), Ofcourse,Love and other terminology indeed a binding factor.

  12. Dipika Desai says:

    I love the furry jacket the most. we want more pics.

  13. Ritu Pandit says:

    Wowww Rati
    I envy you now
    Your pictures remind me of my days in England.

    Brilliant post

  14. Nidhi patwardhan says:

    Hi Rati,
    The pics are too good!!. I wanted to ask where to get these kind of long coats from? Any online sites you recommend?

  15. Chhavi says:

    Hi Rati where did you stay in London? Which airbnb? Please reply it would be of great help

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