Loved Weekend!


Hi Everyone, :))

December is just flying away. I don’t know but I feel that 31st would arrive at the blink of an eye. 😛 Yesterday all of us at IMBB took a half day off. We were so exhausted that we just decided to put down our tools. I roamed around in Select City walk and basically tried a ton of stuff and bought very little. hihih It was quite funny and relaxing though. There was no hurry to go back to work or reach home in time. It felt a little liberated.

I went to office after many weeks today. I LOVE going to my office. It’s probably the only place where I get to meet real people. Otherwise my life mostly moves around the virtual world. The first half was kept for work and second half I just spent with Sanjeev and Nupur. 🙂

After a quick lunch at Nirula’s Pot Pourri , I went to Imperial for a long relaxing evening with Nupur. We sat outdoors for hours enjoying the little chill and sipping our hot beverages . It was probably one of the most awesome evenings I had. You know you have to meet your friends, pour your heart out, and just be free. Later we took a long walk around the hotel. That wrapped up the evening for me. I am all set for the next week.

Might just wrap up the evening with a glass of wine. 🙂

How was your weekend? :)) Have a great week ahead everyone. 🙂

Imperial Delhi tea
Tea time. Loved Nupur’s bag : )
flower bed
The flower bed that I couldn’t take my eyes off
Navratan Korma with tandoori rotis for lunch
Gee ! the little lights at office looked so cute and festive.

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