A Morning at the India Habitat Centre

India Habitat Centre, imho, is one legendary place we have in Delhi. It’s a resource centre, a guest house, a party place, a cultural heritage, a dining hub, and just a lovely walk through the nature. Mr. Husband and I decided to spend our morning at the place today.

india habitat centre

First, I love the streets of Delhi on a Sunday Morning. Low traffic and clean air are a rarity in the capital. It’s only on Sunday that you get to enjoy this aspect of the busy city. šŸ™‚ You enter the IHC and the luscious well maintained greenery, the red bricked walls, and quiet walks through the corridors welcome you. Sanjeev and I spent a little time sitting around, catching up with theĀ pigeonsĀ at the lotus pond, and finally heading for the buffet at All American Diner. After ages we had breakfast Al-freso. It was beautiful sitting amidst the nature, hearing the birds twitter, and smelling the rich aroma of fresh coffee. We had a long breakfast, and spent some quality time at the place. We walked back with a promise to visit the place another morning. :))

The Lotus Pond

all american diner
all american diner- buffet

A bowl of cereal
The al-fresco dining area
The breakfast
A fresh cup of coffee
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