My 7 Favourite Watches


Hi Everyone, 🙂

How have you all been. I missed you guys. ^_^  I have been quite busy at my home front. My first cousin is getting married so it is quite a madness happening at my end. 😀

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favourite watches with you. I have been wearing watches from class 1 as far as I remember. Watches are kinda big deal at my home. We buy watches, we gift watches and we enjoy watches. 😀

The first watch that I bought on my own was from Titan  (my family is a Titan addict 😛 ) for Rs 825/-. I was in class 6th then. My dad used to make me collect money in piggy bank. So I broke my piggy bank and paid in coins and small notes at the store. I had 800 bucks and my dad contributed Rs 25 extra for my watch. 😀 It all sounds so cute when I think of it now. :))

Since then there has been no looking back. Watches make an integral part of my wardrobe. And it’d stay like that. 🙂

Michael Kors Watches : My current favourite watches are from Michael Kors. Each watch is a statement piece in itself. i don’t think I’d ever get bored of these. And after service is great! I have three of these – gold, rose gold and silver. I can easily pick more from the brand.

michael-kors-watches michael-kors-gold-watch michael-kors-rose-gold-watch michael-kors-silver-watch

Emporio Armani : I fell for the mere sophistication of the watches the brand offers. There are not many choices available but whatever watches are present are classic pieces. I have one in white chronograph and silver. The dials of both the watches are of white mother of pearl. These watches I mostly wear with my feminine outfits.

emporio-armani-white-watch emporio-armani-silver-watch

Daniel Wellington Watch : The only and the only reason I bought this watch was because I was looking for a similar watch that Vidya Balan wore during Cannes. This just fit the bill. The clean dial and the classic leather strap. I like it more now that it is a little worn out. 🙂


And as I just mentioned that gifting watches runs in my family. This is a recent gift my brother gave me. Precious! 🙂


And some snippets of my life from the past few days. 🙂rati-sre

Beautiful scenery during the road trip I did with my parents /enjoying the sunglasses days after the grey gloomy days in Delhi/ Ganesh Chaturthi goodies from neighbours at home/ walk in the park enjoying the fresh chilly air. Image (2)

getting spoilt by friends in Delhi/ gift from my bother/ mum made chai – best thing in the world! / a little puppy who comes to get his food everyday from my mom.  🙂

ImageMy Husband’s late night pampering /Republic Day Celebrations at Select City Walk /Lemon Loaf Cake from Starbucks – beyond brilliant / some knickknacks at a quirky cafe called The Wishing Chair I went last week .

So how have you been? Did anyone of you watch Dedh Ishquiya? 🙂 I have a whole list of movies that i want to watch in the coming days. 🙂

Love you loadsssss!!! 🙂


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