The Notebook

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I finished reading ‘the Notebook a few days back; in one sitting only. Can I just say that you HAVE to read it? And if I may insist? And that you totally cannot miss reading it? And…. Okay I’d stop here. Buggers! 😛

Please read the summary of the book HERE.

I loved the book. Thank you soooo very much to all of you who recommended this book to me. By the end of it I felt I was in love again. It was such an awesome feeling. I truly believe that at some point of our life we definitely meet a person for whom we would walk the extra miles to be with. It may be beyond logic or reasons but we’d probably do everything in your capability to work things out. I feel a bit sad for people who have to give up on their love, and settle for someone else because of society norms or other reasons. But you know as they say, that’s life. 🙂 ‘The Notebook’ is totally recommended. 🙂

Btw I am getting addicted to instagram. I have clicked so many pictures. There is an instant urge to share everything. But I am resisting. I know I’d totally end up overdoing it one of these days. hihih.

And these are some new books. Thanks Ramya. 🙂

Oh! I am going for ‘Barfi’ tomorrow. What about you guys? Watching it?

What are you reading these days? 🙂

the secret

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