One Bag I Never Want to Part with!

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

Michael kors bag

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Today I want to share one bag with you all that I never get bored of. I have used it zillion times and I still love it. It’s the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote. I bought it last year in hot pink color. I am so glad I did. It’s the perfect travel companion. It’s an excellent day time bag and fits so much into it. There are two inside pockets on each side- one with zip and one is open. I mostly use them to keep my lipstick, and phone/ passport. A simple bag but soo amazing. If you are planning on getting your first MK, get this one. 🙂

How has your week been? Mine was pretty decent except I have not been well for almost a week now. grrr.. But The high point of the week was ‘Queen’. Such a brilliant movie. Everyone was in an amazing mood post movie. I haven’t seen suchhhh a fun movie in so long. Kangana is so endearing in the movie. I really hope she gets an award for this one. Even Lisa Haydon was very good. It was a perfect role for her.:)

And that’s my Queen moment. loll!! Goooo watch it!! 🙂 I want to go for it again. 😀

Have a suuuperr weekend all of you. :-*

Queen kangana ranaut



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51 Responses to One Bag I Never Want to Part with!

  1. Tiny says:

    Want to watch Queen so badly…. :'(
    Loved ur queen moment too 😛

  2. Dasika says:

    Lol.. Pose is very good.., I had a stressful week.. Watched queen yest night… Wow.. Kangana rocks!!! Me too wanna watch movie again…
    Bag is awesome Rati
    Have a great weekend ahead darling!!

  3. shweta a says:

    Dying to see queen and now quenching after seeing ur queen moment (cute huh)!
    All kinds of stupid bollywood movies releases in the UK lekin queen nahi hui…how sad can it be 🙁
    Hot pink colour bag is hot, i dont know how u carry such bold colours so well 🙂 Well rati is rati…Hai na? 🙂

    • Rati says:

      Oh is it? May be they dint expect the movie to be such a big hit. :)) Hope you get to watch it soon. Thank you 🙂

  4. Ananya says:

    Such a cute Queen pose. I will also get a pic clicked in this pose.
    My local multiplex is not running Queen. Can you believe this? I will have to travel to proper Kolkata then for this movie on a weekend, as I hate to download recent movies.
    The bag is pure ‘ohh-la-la’. I love pink bags. My current office bag is a coral-pink one from Lavie
    I so love the colour of your shirt. 😀

    • Rati says:

      hahha you MUST. Infact after you watch the movie, you would want to. 😛 😛 errr… do watch it soon. It’s aweeesome. 🙂 yeah i also like coloured bags. They are super fun!! thanks 🙂

  5. janhavi says:

    I loved Queen! And I totally get what u mean about the after movie feeling. Me n my friends, just couldnt stop hugging each other and smiling and then we were attacked by pani puri (gol gappa) cravings! too cute ur queen pose is!

    Ive had my eye on that bag for quite a while … love the shape of the jet set tote. Its tooo cute!

    And there are too many exclamation marks in this comment! :O

    • Rati says:

      Awww. Too cute. i can imagine. and exclamations only show your excitement. 😀

      I know I louu this bag to. Simple , effective and cute. Get it super soon. :))

      Thankooo 🙂

  6. Manasi says:

    I just love your bag! and your neck piece 🙂

  7. Disha says:

    Wow! The pictures totally show your love for the bag. I’ve been craving for a similar tote in blue and white stripes. Hopefully will get it soon 🙂
    I totally loved Queen. It was like a magical movie. Could not just stop smiling for hours after watching it. Now I am planning to watch it again solely with my girlfriends.
    Thumbs up to your queen moment.

  8. jomol says:

    and I want you to part with this bag – put it on sale. I am damn sure whenever I think of getting one MK bag, it would be this – the same color!

  9. Savita says:

    You won’t believe Rati, I also carry same bag only color is different. 😉

    Already booked my tickets for Queen and going to watch on this Sunday. Everybody saying amazing words about it and am not going to miss it.

  10. Rachna says:

    Hi Rati,
    Tote Bags are just amazing always.. 🙂 Loved your look here! I loved your hair duo as well.. Need some advice, where can i contact you?

  11. sravanthi says:

    From 1 week i am searching for good MK bag, i want to buy one in this month, now i got clarity, i want the same bag of urs same color detto, loved the color-pink, so girly, and ur shirt loved it, is it from zara? take care rati…

  12. Rati you are so adorable especially when you take all these cute cute pics 😀 and that bag woooww !!! *pink*

  13. Dipti C says:

    Loved your Queen moment Rati… 😀 😀

    I watched Highway and Queen back to back… both brilliant films….

    I loved loved loved the film… Kangna was beyond amazing… everything about the film was brilliant… Film-making at its best…. 🙂

  14. Alexis says:

    If I had that bag, I wouldn’t want to part with it either! 🙂
    Very cute poses Rati! Looking forward to a weekend of beauty and relaxation for me. Have a great weekend too, and thanks for a great post!

  15. Rama says:

    Rati…..I have been reading all ur posts..but cud nt comment..
    how have u been..and the bag is such a cute one..i love H*t pinks 🙂
    Its been almost 3-4 months since i watched a movie….I think I must book ticks this weekend… 🙂
    Happpiiieeeeeeeee weekend..

    • Rati says:

      I have been good rama. how are you doing? :)) i hope you got the chance to watch it. 🙂 have a great week ahead. 🙂

  16. Roopa Patil says:

    Hey Rati

    Good bag!

    I am planning a brief visit to Gurgaon this month-end. Will have half a day for shopping I suppose! Request you to give me details of where the MK outlet is and the approximate price! Select City is on the agenda for Bobbi Brown and Sephora.



  17. gurpreet says:

    hey Rati/.. love this bag and the pics are so amazing.. you are looking like a lil girl who found a big box of chocolates.. really cute.. take care and keep smiling always 🙂

  18. Radhika says:

    WOW Rati…such super duper cute pics…even cuter than MK….Love it totally!!

  19. Shubhangi says:

    Wow!!.. lovely bag and and lovely pose 😀
    by looking at promos i didn’t feel like watching Queen but after reading such positive review i think will plan this weekend 🙂

  20. Jaishri says:

    Thats an awesome bag Rati.. So classy and chick..
    Queen was such an awesome movie.. Loved every bit of it 🙂 So refreshing!!!

  21. aru says:

    lovellllllllllly bag!!! so bright and just the right shade of pink. Super cute photos too.

    I loved Queen. Kangana is just too sweet in that. loved all the character artistes too. It was so refreshing to see a set of parents like that. Rajkumar Rao was also pretty good in his role.

    • Rati says:

      Thank you aruna. I miss you around!! How are you doing? 🙂

      I agree it was suchhhhh a brilliant movie. I wanted to give BIG HUG to kangana. 😀 everyone was so amazing in the movie and loved how they took care of little details in the movie. 🙂

      • aru says:

        ah i miss coming to IMBB too..just been loaded with tons of work. lot of travel coming up again starting April 1st so been busy getting things done. I also need a place to vent out hahahha..all the politics in office and all..crazy stuff..we should start a ‘Aunt Agony’ column..:)

  22. tanvi says:

    Rati very cute pics those are. The bag is awesome. Such a fun color.I loved Queen too. Who wouldn’t? Could relate so much with the girl from Rajouri 🙂 And now I understand all the hype around Kangana. I have been watching her interviews back to back in YouTube since then as I can’t get enough of this girl. And boy! she is such a fashionista! She can change herself like a chameleon.

    Have a nice weekend Rati. Read your women’s day wala post. Big congrats! You know r our Queen. Very inspirational always!

    • Rati says:

      I love kangna tanvi. she really is such an amazing actress and comes across as a genuine honest person. Very refreshing to see that in movie actress. 🙂

      awwww really sweet of you to say that. Thankkkkk you 🙂

  23. Devie says:

    Perfect travel companion? Sanjeev won’t be jealous???? 😛 love this bag and your whole outfit. I’m so envious of this tote, it’s traveled more than I have 😛 still waiting to watch Queen! Everyone is raving about it…and am already addicted to the music…love Amit Trivedi!

    • Rati says:

      hahhah!!! you always things with a different perspective no. 😀

      i know. you HAVE to watch it. I keep re-watching its’ trailer only these days. 😛

  24. Dhara says:

    loved the bag just perfecto, and ur expressions even more, looking super cute <3

  25. Renji says:

    wow…..such cute expressions!!! u looking fabulous Rati 🙂
    and 10000000…..likes fr the bag 🙂
    <3 <3

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