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Hiya Everyone, 🙂

How have you guys been? I haven’t written anything here since Diwali and now suddenly I have tons to share. I’d start one by one. 😛

I had a great Diwali this year. It got very very hectic for me this year because I was split between sending out gifts, socializing, working on IMBB and doing stuff for my home. But it was all fun at the end of it. Sanjeev and I decorated the home, did pooja, spent some time with friends and then spent hours on terrace trying to get some shots for his clickety click blog. 😉

This year my favourite part was sending out lots of gifts to friends and family. I went crazy hunting for good gifts on online shops. But Thank God! for E-Commerce. 😛

The next day we had some friends who came over for drinks. The chit chat went on till past midnight but it was good fun after a hectic Diwali. 🙂

The next day Sanjeev and I went home for Bhaiya Dooj. It turned out to be one huge party that day. My massi, buas, and cousins all gathered at home. I basically throughly enjoyed tons of pampering. I had a sore throat that day and by evening my voice completely went out. 😛

Now all this while, I was running temperature so yesterday I basically enjoyed some good pampering. Mr Husband got me gorgeous flowers. My neighbors call me a ‘Muffin Girl’ because I looooove muffins. So they got me muffins on their way back home.

Well! today I thought I was well so I went to the nearby market to run chores. I came back home feverish, coughish and weakish. 😛 I slept away almost the entire second half of the day. My mum-in-law is staying with us for a few days. Rather than me taking care of her, she is taking care of me. 😛

Oh! I love to decorate flowers at my home in storage glass jars. They have that little rustic feel that imo make them look cuter than the regular vases. Actually you can do a ton with them in your home decor :

  • Fill them with pot pourri.
  • Serve drinks in them – the ones that are not as wider but narrower. Just throw a straw in them.
  • Use them to store candies, pickles, chutnies, jams etc
  • Fill them up with crystal stones or little marbles and place a candle on top of the stones. They look really sweet.
  • Serve a cake with ice cream in them. The layers from the outside look really pretty.
  • Fill them up with water and place some floating candles on top.
  • Store craft items.
The options are endless. 🙂

So that’s all at my end. 🙂 How are things at your end? How did Diwali come along? 🙂

Some pics from the past few days!

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Urli decorations/ the diyas that lit up my home on Diwali/ aftermath of a wine party with friends/ the Shatabdi breakfast that I always look forward to. 😛 

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The regulars at mum’s place/ a cute potli of dry fruits as a Diwali gift / gorgeous bouquet of flowers by Mr Husband / for the Muffin Girl 😉 

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