Some Healthy Food Options Worth Trying

Wore a Chinese collar chambray shirt with rolled up denims, MK pink tote and a statement ring / Richa and I having a frame perfect moment : D

I have been wanting to visit Meherchand market for a while now but just couldn’t. So this Saturday my friend and I decided to head to the place. We left at around lunch time, I suggested that we go to Nourish Organics Deli. It is a very small cafe that serves raw and vegan food. It was a mixed experience. The staff was super disinterested. We met the owner Seema, who was really sweet and loved what she was doing. 

My friend wasn’t happy at all. Her cold avocado soup was bitter (Avocados in India suck). I was okay but got tired of eating everything buckwheat based.

So anyway, I thought I’d click photos of some of the healthy food options. Totally worth trying at home with your own twist.


Buckwheat Pizza : It’s a cold pizza and totally not a substitute for your regular pizza except it looks pretty much the same. Buckwheat cracker base topped with sundried tomato sauce, cashew paste on top (to give that look of cheese),cherry tomatoes, and final topping of sprouts. I like hot pizzas. I din’t like this.

Zucchini Pasta : If you are a pasta hogger like me, this is definitely an excellent healthy option. It was serveed with cucumber and sundried tomato sauce. Tastes super fresh.

Quinoa Salad : This we ate a spoonful of it and sent it back. Anyway this was basically mix of quinoa, zuccini, tomatoes , onions and bell peppers. Add a lot of lime and spices to it to make it taste appetising. It was served with buckwheat onion crackers. Those pretty much tasted like kuttu pakoras that you have during navratri time.

Apple Pie : Buckwheat based *dies* almost granola tasting base topped with apples and mildly sweetened cashew (I think) sauce.

So next time we are going to Chez Nini and having our normal food. 😛

We spent next few hours strolling around the Meherchand market. There are such cute decor and clothing shops there.We had so many Aww! moments. 🙂 The final stop was the Masaba store. We two had a ball there trying out stuff and trying to fit in the smaller sizes. loll!! Both of us picked up a piece from her SS 13 collection.

It was a great Saturday for me. And yesterday was the usual work day for me.

Have a great week ahead everyone. Mwwaaahhh!!

If you have some fun healthy food options, please share it in the comments below. 🙂


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