Some Healthy Food Options Worth Trying

Wore a Chinese collar chambray shirt with rolled up denims, MK pink tote and a statement ring / Richa and I having a frame perfect moment : D

I have been wanting to visit Meherchand market for a while now but just couldn’t. So this Saturday my friend and I decided to head to the place. We left at around lunch time, I suggested that we go to Nourish Organics Deli. It is a very small cafe that serves raw and vegan food. It was a mixed experience. The staff was super disinterested. We met the owner Seema, who was really sweet and loved what she was doing. 

My friend wasn’t happy at all. Her cold avocado soup was bitter (Avocados in India suck). I was okay but got tired of eating everything buckwheat based.

So anyway, I thought I’d click photos of some of the healthy food options. Totally worth trying at home with your own twist.


Buckwheat Pizza : It’s a cold pizza and totally not a substitute for your regular pizza except it looks pretty much the same. Buckwheat cracker base topped with sundried tomato sauce, cashew paste on top (to give that look of cheese),cherry tomatoes, and final topping of sprouts. I like hot pizzas. I din’t like this.

Zucchini Pasta : If you are a pasta hogger like me, this is definitely an excellent healthy option. It was serveed with cucumber and sundried tomato sauce. Tastes super fresh.

Quinoa Salad : This we ate a spoonful of it and sent it back. Anyway this was basically mix of quinoa, zuccini, tomatoes , onions and bell peppers. Add a lot of lime and spices to it to make it taste appetising. It was served with buckwheat onion crackers. Those pretty much tasted like kuttu pakoras that you have during navratri time.

Apple Pie : Buckwheat based *dies* almost granola tasting base topped with apples and mildly sweetened cashew (I think) sauce.

So next time we are going to Chez Nini and having our normal food. 😛

We spent next few hours strolling around the Meherchand market. There are such cute decor and clothing shops there.We had so many Aww! moments. 🙂 The final stop was the Masaba store. We two had a ball there trying out stuff and trying to fit in the smaller sizes. loll!! Both of us picked up a piece from her SS 13 collection.

It was a great Saturday for me. And yesterday was the usual work day for me.

Have a great week ahead everyone. Mwwaaahhh!!

If you have some fun healthy food options, please share it in the comments below. 🙂


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55 Responses to Some Healthy Food Options Worth Trying

  1. Ramya says:

    Rati, I loved this post!! The pizza looks so yummy though!! 😛
    I took a leaf out of Nidhi’s book n carried my own home made bhelpuri to the movies.. We ended up loving it! The quantity ended up being less though! 😀
    I loveee pasta. That dish looks awesome! I had pasta salad and a wholewheat crust pizza for lunch yesterday n liked it. Not as tasty as the regular crust but was good only 🙂
    Oh!! My favorite food when i go out is a multigrain sub. Not as healthy as homemade stuff but manageable, plus I like the taste! 🙂

    • Rati says:

      Thank you ramya. 🙂 Vegan is an extreme end of health food for me and i’d like to keep it as a once in a while category for me. But it wasn’t bad to be honest!!

      I’d try the bhelpuri myself now. hihihi

      I love pasta salad myself and in such a long run I have sort of figured out ways to balance out my diet. But I thought this was fun and not something that we get to see at the restaurants too often. So I thought it’d be fun to share. :))

      Which movie did you watch? 🙂

      • Ramya says:

        Oh, ya vegan is an extreme end definitely 😛 I love eating out n now take soooo long to scan the menu for the healthiest thing available but vegan sounds even tougher! This post was super fun to read 🙂 🙂 Watched fast n furious, couldnt get tickets for YJHD 🙁 But I liked this one too!!

        • Rati says:

          Same here. 🙂

          I can imagine. Tickets YJHD must have been super tough to get over the weekends!! I enjoyed watching FF 6 as well. :))

  2. Nandini says:

    It’s been so long I came by to Faux Pas!! Been caught up with a lot 🙁 LOVE your monochrome outfit, Rati 🙂 and this place sounds interesting, where exactly is Meherchand market?
    It was my birthday yesterday 😛 had a nice time though the rains ruined some of my plans, it’s like 20 degrees here cuz it POURED all of last week. Wore my new red and white polka dots dress but couldn’t get a full pic…told you..rain 🙁 one of my friends is visiting Delhi and is totally raving about Citywalk haha.

    • Rati says:

      oh no!! yesterday jomol called me up and i told her that it was someone one’s bday and I couldn’t recall it . :(( Aww !! belated happy Birthday to you darling. :)) meherchand is near lodhi. It’s like the new cool address of Delhi. 😛 haha! I can imagine. We we Delites are so gaga over select city , I can imagine about the tourists. 😛

      No rain here. Delhi is frying our heads. 😛

      Btw how was your birthday? 🙂

      • Nandini says:

        Thank you love!! :* Ah, I love the Lodhi Colony Market too, my dad’s office was on Lodhi Road before he retired so we used to explore that place often 🙂 I should visit next time! My parents went on a trip to Srinagar last week, they had so much fun, and my mom sounded so happy 🙂 it was adorable.

        Haha! Come to visit, I’m sure you’ll love the weather here. That’s one of the only things better than Delhi here 😛

        It was good, though bf’s been pretty ill lately 🙁 lots of rain, so a few of my friends couldn’t make it..but it was a nice evening overall, we went to this place called Jimi’s then I had dinner with my bro at this industrial-themed restro bar called Prost.

        • Rati says:

          We might be planning a trip to Srinagar soon. Can’t miss seeing heaven on earth. 🙂 awww glad your mum and dad had such a lovely trip. :))

          I know. I should but atm no plans for bang!! 🙁

          Sounds like a happening birthday. :)) HUGSSS!! 🙂

          • Nandini says:

            You should! My dad’s friend owns a travel agency so he arranged it all for them, it was so sweet of him. They said they can’t believe they were in snowy weather just a week ago after being back in scorching Delhi! Haha. Go for sure, they rode ponies, rode in those Gondolas, went to Pahalgam and all.

            My office is arranging for a trip to Coorg this coming weekend. So excited! We’re staying at a resort called Porcupine Castle, lots of adventure and stuff planned. I’m def gonna look at your recommendations too!

            Make plans when possible for Bang, will take you to the best places 😀

            Yup was an awesome birthday. I put pics on IG! Biiig HUUUUGG! :*

            • Rati says:

              i really want wait to explore srinagar. Let’s see when we go. 🙂

              I am sure coorg would be fab this time around the year. If you get time go for high tea or a mel to vivanta. It is a different world and the kind that every person who visits coorg should experience. :))

              Yeah but no IG for me any more. Anyway , glad you had fun. :-*

              • Nandini says:

                I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time! The weather is lovely too 🙂

                I hope they let us do some stuff on our own too, would be awesome. Will def check it out if I’m able to 🙂
                Btw when’s a good time to talk to you? Been so long!

  3. jomol says:

    LOL buckwheat things….ROTFL….If I was in Richa’s place, I would have strangulated you…..grrr….ha ha 😛

  4. jomol says:

    Still ROFLing over the food goofie….you look like a diva :*

    • Rati says:

      hahha!! I had to listen to her cribbing all evening long. loll!! It’s vegan jomo and it’s a lifestyle some people lead. This was a bit of an extreme. 😛 Thankoo :-*

  5. Surabhi says:

    Ratiii.. I want to have apple pie right now!!! My mouth is watering literally. 😛

    I can’t name a single healthy option for eating out.. coz we hardly go out to eat in my place (not a single restaurant) and when we come to Port Blair, which is once a month, both of us, infact all three of us (Pahal included) just hog like bhukkads.. lol.. But yaar these applie pies, zuccini pasta.. my God! Its been ages I even saw these things in REAL. 🙁 🙁

    • Rati says:

      I think I have also seen zucchini pasta for the first time in delhi. I was super intrigued by it. 😛 Guess you may try making apple pie at home sometime soon. :))

  6. Ritika says:

    Great outfit Rati.. 😀 I so lovee your shades, m looking for 1 in similar type but can’t find it..please tell me more about it.. N I can never eat such healthy food ever! 😛

  7. Leez says:

    That shirt looks so comfortable!! There aren’t many vegetarian places in my city, let alone vegan.. So its impossible for vegan people to eat out. And vegetarian restaurant food is usually so laden with ghee, oil, butter, etc that its better to just go non veg.
    Whenever (rarely) I go vegan, my only options are fruit juices and silken tofu topped with berries cuz I can’t cook to save my life 🙁

    • Rati says:

      Yeah the shirt was perfect for the hot day plus these days I buy oversize shirts… a size bigger. I like them more. 🙂 I think following vegan diet is very tough. And I personally ‘feel’ that you know we are used to of certain kind of diet from our childhood. Making such major lifestyle changes.. not sure how our body would adapt to them.

  8. sandhya says:

    rati di i cannot notice but how fit you look in the first pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! so one more market added to my list of places to visit in delhi!!!!!!
    i am happy finally one fod post in fp does not have me running to the canteen to junk on otherwise all the toher posts are so tempting. the pizza in the picture is so non apetizing! kudos to ppl who are able to eat this!
    so which print was it in masaba this time ?

  9. Sahiba says:

    me love each look of yours… 🙂 normal jeans shirt me bhi you look fab… n that food.. hihi.. i also go for this kind of food when i am full enthusiastic about loosing weight.. but end up deciding that my normal khana is better.. lol.. 😛 me watched jawani diwani yesterday.. n loveeeddd it man.. i can watch it 10 times more.. ok 5 times… 😛

    • Rati says:

      awww thanks sahiba. :)) vegan is tough to follow. 🙂

      haha! I cna imagine. I can also watch it many times. It’s so much fun no! 🙂

  10. pia says:

    lol.. thanks for this warning.. in never trying any vegan food.. hihi.. tho the apple pie looks super tempting..
    u look so cute.. im loving ur glares.,. we had healtrhy food too yesterday.. multigrain sub with chicken tikka filling n tons of veggies 🙂 🙂

  11. First of all what a coincidence!! My latest post is on Meherchand Market….

    Nourish Organic Daily staff are actually not very good for its business, they act as if they are doing free service!!

    Though I didn’t like Chez Nini also , the only time I went there except their sticky toffee pudding….you can try out cake blossoms though…awesome cupcakes!!

    Masaba is ofcourse one of my favorite apparel shops in Meherchand (along with Soma, Suruchi & Anuradha Ramam)

    • Rati says:

      oh great. I looove cupcakes. 😛 I guess i’d check out chez nini. :)) I agree meherchand is becoming the next hauz khas. :))

  12. Janey says:

    I love the Chinese collared top and all the food looks so good. I would definitely try them out!

  13. shai says:

    Am not too fond of ‘faddy’ food either, though the zucchini thing looks good. Indian food has wonderful healthy veggie options anyway.

  14. Devie says:

    Quick, someone inform the raw foodies that humans have been using fire for this thing called “cooking” for a million years now!
    Lol, I kid. I can’t get on board the raw food or vegan train. I love my melted cheese too much to do either! I’ve toyed with veganism, but quickly realized that both Maggie and fries are vegan and I’d probably get to 300lbs in a year on a vegan diet 😛

    Btw I’m so excited…leaving for SE Asia next week! 😀

    • Rati says:

      hahha!!! I am all about eating healthy but this is just off my territory. Plus I like to eat everything.. and especially when I am out with my friends. 😛 is maggie vegan??? I love it more now. loll!

      Wow!! you are travelling? which all places and for how long?? :))

  15. pinky says:

    heyyy ratiiiii!!!!!!!!!!i love u r outfit so simple :)and i love the pic which u clicked with richa:)food looks superrrr yummy but feel sad u didnt like it i m a big fan of vegan food(but not always:))will try it soon and again i m in love with your iphone cover:)

  16. Janhavi says:

    OMG that food looks so pretty ! Doesn’t sound very tempting though 🙁 I’m not a fan of eating healthy outside , like if I’m going out I know it’s going to be unhealthy so might as well eat happily – healthy khaana ghar pe sahi hai- coz I know exactly what’s going in! Ur right avocados in India do suck – I always find they turn ripe very unevenly so the taste is always odd 🙁

    Love that white shirt on you ! Totally Gawjus! Last night it rained 🙂 and it rained today too so the monsoons are officially here ! Makes me happy happy !

    • Rati says:

      that’s alight bloo shirt j doo… like a light washed out chambry shirt. My phone washed out the color. 😛 I pretty much try to eat healthy.. atleast 80% of the time. This was the extreme end. But those who enjoy it, it’s a good option. :))

      no rainss here.. i want some as well. :(( For me rains is all about reading a book, lying on the couch and sipping hot choc!! nom nom 😀

      Enjoyyyyyy!!! :-*

  17. calicoaster says:

    Everything looks quite yummy here Rati…but after reading the description, I can almost taste each of these stuffs….I love my taste buds too much.. 😛 😛 but as you said…I can try the pizza thing and pie thing at home with my own twist…God knows if it’d remain healthy after my twist or not!! 😛 And you are looking soooooooooooper swelte and chic.. mwaaah!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  18. anusha says:

    ya even my experience wasnt good at the nourish ..i love eating healthy but dint liked their snacks ,bars etc

  19. Devie says:

    The whole summer! Setting up base in Vietnam and visiting neighboring Cambodia, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia etc. Then finally Singapore and, if time permits, India! So excited, SE Asia has such a rich cultural history and natural beauty…

  20. vidhi says:

    That looks so yummy rati!!

  21. Priyanjana says:

    I am drooling over the food!!

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