32 Ways to Style Maxi Skirts

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How was your weekend? I just stayed cozily at home this weekend. One because my mum-in-law is visiting us and second because there was a downpour in Delhi. I decided to avoid the insane Delhi traffic jams. 😛 From next weekend I’d probably go to office. I have been lazy for the past few weeks and have stayed at home. 😀


Once a friend of mine and I were shopping at Zara and she asked me ‘ what is one item in your closet that you love wearing the most?’ I said ‘maxi skirts or maxi dresses’. I absolutely love maxi dresses/ skirts. They are becoming my signature style in real life. So, today’s post is all about maxi skirts. There are a ton of ways you can wear them both in summers and winters. Hope you like the post. 🙂

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1. Love this pairing of simple sleeveless button down with beautiful sunset yellow maxi skirt.



2. To balance out the volume of the maxi skirt, pair it with a fitted top and add statement accessories ( sunglasses, neckpiece)



3. pair maxi skirt with a denim jacket.

Jessica Alba in Maxi Dress


4. this is a maxi dress but I loved the combination of royal blue dress, matching shoes and chartreuse green shrug.



5. An oversize open button down for a casual day out.



6. a high low sleeveless button down with a maxi skirt.



7. I am not sure if I’d want to pair my maxi skirt with a matching bra but I think Kareena pulled it off well. Could be one of the options if you are feeling too bold. 😉



8. A side split maxi skirt cinched at the waist with golden belt. Layered necklaces totally add to the outfit.



9. Match the color of your accessories with a maxi skirt.



10. crochet top and tan belt.


11. pair it with a cropped leather jacket.



12. another one with a leather jacket.



13. pair your maxi skirt with a feminine grey cashmere.



14. maxi skirt with vest.



15. I wish this photograph was coloured. But I loved the slouchy laid back look of both the top and the maxi skirt. maxi-skirt-11


16. side split maxi skirt with a crop top and a loose oversize cardigan. Do ut only if you are very skinny.



17. keep accessories in same tone – in this case  ‘tan’.



18. pair a flouncy maxi skirt with a fitted jacket.



18. pair with with a chambray shirt.



19. A very clever styling – matched spikes of shoe with the bag.



20. Winter styling of maxi skirts with long coats, blazers and trench coats.



21. pair your maxi skirts with cut out ankle boots in winters.



22. pair it with a long over size sweater.



23. Loved this style of pairing maxi skirt with shirt and a V neck jumper.


24.A scarf is always a good idea.



25. Play with the colors in same family.


26- 30 And these are some of the ways I have styled my maxi skirts. Have also worn maxi dresses in previous outfits. You may check them out through lookbook. 🙂

maxi skirt rati

31-32 Just realized after posting that these two looks were also there. 😀

I love pairing my maxi skirts with lace tops as well. You may see two of the pairings HERE and HERE 

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