30 Ways to Style Midi Skirts

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Since I am so obsessed with midi skirts (especially the circle skirts) at the moment, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to style your midi skirts. And who better to start this post with other than Dita Von Teese. 🙂

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1. Pair midi skirts with a feminine fitted tee.

Dita Von Teese Midi Skirt

2. Pair your printed midi skirt with a plain feminine tee.

Dita Von Teese Midi Skirt

3. Go for a V neck jumper in winters.


4. Pair with with a pretty blouse in same tone.

Dita Von Teese looks great while shopping in West Hollywood

5. Self explanatory. 😉


5. pair your midi skirt with a polo tee for casual look.


6. Pair your midi skirt with a polo neck top/ jumper.

how to style midi skirt

7. Go the knotted crop top way.


8. Play with the stripes in your skirt and top.

how to style midi skirt

9. Wear a full sleeve fitted top with your maxi skirt and add a cute bow belt.

how-to-style-midi-skirt-7 10. Style your maxi skirt with a blazer.


11. Pair with with a round tee and V neck jumper combination. Don’t forget the belt. 🙂


12. One of my favourite casual look for midi skirt. Pair it with a easy sweatshirt.

how to style midi skirt 13. Wear your midi skirt with a button up.


14. Pair it with a casual spaghetti top and add a thin belt around the waist.

how-to-style-midi-skirt-13 15. Let your skirt speak for itself. Keep everything basic if you are wearing a statement skirt. And if you have a thin waist, add a lovely wide belt to your skirt.

how-to-style-midi-skirt-14 16. Pair your midi skirt with a muscle tank. Wear a bandeau top underneath.

how-to-style-midi-skirt-15 17. Adding a leather jacket to your look is never a bad idea. 😉

how-to-style-midi-skirt-16 18. Again, a crop top look but lovely play of colors in accessories.


19. A lovely semi fitted basic jumper can make your midi skirt stand out.

midi-skirt-1 20. Style your midi skirt with a chic scarf and jacket.


21. Pair your skirt with a chambray skirt.


23. A casual slouchy sweater would prevent the look from being too feminine…if that’s the kind of look your are going for that is. 🙂



24-30 And here’s how I have styled some of my midi skirts in past. And you’d get to see me in more such skirts in future. 🙂

rati-midi-skirt-1 rati-midi-skirt-2

Have a great day everyone. 🙂

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