Sunday and New Book!

the jane austen book club

I had a working Sunday today but a good one. I had a meeting and it went fine. Hope something fruitful comes out of the discussion eventually. Sanjeev and I went to Moets Sizzler today evening. We are quite obsessed with that place. No matter where we go, we come back to the good old Moet’s Sizzlers after every few months. In fact today I was thinking that if Gods are served Garlic bread, it pretty much gets prepared at this place only. 😛

Later we stopped by a second hand book shop in Defense Colony Market. Mr Husband picked up his next pile of Louis L’amours (how many books has he written btw? They seem countless). I picked the next one by Lauren Weisberger.

I hated The Jane Austen Book Club and left reading it midway only. The narrative was lame. All the characters seemed weird. It was never clear to me who was actually narrating the book. It became annoying after a point of time. Finally last night I gave up on it. I was looking forward to a relaxing read but this was i-dont-know-what. Luckily I found Last Night at Chateau Marmont. The book shop didn’t have more books from the author otherwise I would have picked up more. I am quite elated at my find. I will just kick back on couch and read tonight. Phew!

Anything new on your reading list? How was your Sunday? 🙂

last night at chataeu marmont

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