Sunrise at the Gates…

india gate morning

Here I lie for centuries; fallen from the sky or erected from the earth I do not know. I lie in wait, my legs growing roots in the ground, my tired hands holding the sky over my head.

india gate

What am I waiting for? Centuries have passed by under my eyes, kingdoms have fallen, sand dunes washed away, voices heard and gone, enemies buried, friends drifting away, rules rewritten, rulers renewed, rain washing my blood and sweat, wind taking away my voice, sun burning away my valor, ants crawling inside my toes. And yet I wait.

the long road

Festivals blowing my ears away, kids playing at my feet, kites buzzing past me, armies walking around, lovers kissing with fervor, friends pushing each other, candles lit, constitutions written, a whole country sleeping, a whole country waking up. And yet I wait. And I watch the road.



rashtrapati bhavan

I wait for my love on the other side; guarding the road, naked, forlorn, and soulless. I stand for the caravans to see me, to take my mesage to my sweetheart in the castle. When the summers arrive, the gentle breeze full of sweet smell of mangoes will take my songs to my darling.

rashtrapati bhavan

rashtrapati bhavan

O India, I shall love you forever.

india gate night

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