Taj is Taj!

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Hiya Everyone, 🙂

Every evening there is a cultural programme that takes place at the Lake Palace. We attended it yesterday and going to attend it today as well.  It is a stunning dance and singing performance by the local artists. You know all these little things from our culture makes travel in India such an enriching experience  My friend, Richa and I got so engrossed in the performance that the dancers pulled us on the stage to dance with them. 😛 We had a ton of fun last evening.

Then we decided to go to Udaivilas for dinner. It is an Oberoi property situated on the bank of Lake Pichola. It is a stunning property but not a heritage one as the Taj Lake Palace. Oberois have built it to perfection…to make it look like a grand palace. We spent a bit of time shopping at their arcade. Later we moved to have dinner at their Chandni restaurant. The moment we entered, we felt something was not right. The waiters were courteous but they lacked warmth. The place felt stuffy. Within 2 minutes of sitting at the table, all four of us decided to go back to Taj for dinner. It was strange that none of us wanted to stay back. We had not discussed anything among us. All we wanted was to go back. We could not exactly pin point but something just didn’t feel right.

After going to Udaivilas you realize how amazingly Taj has mastered the art of hospitality. The moment you enter Taj, the staff gets attentive towards the guests. The smiles never leave their faces. They go beyond their limits to extend their hospitality. We got late for dinner, still Taj’s staff stayed up till late at night to give us the most amazing dining experience. Everything felt right once we were back. The air , the people , the food and the feel…everything was just right.

And you know, when you have an option of staying on the lake in a heritage palace, why stay at the shore of the lake in a look-alike palace? 🙂

Btw , just to let you know that our trips are not paid. And no one asked me to write this post. I just had to.


silver heels


arm swag

The beautiful dancer, Rekha stole the show
The culture
All set for dinner!
At the Bhairo restaurant last night.. peaceful and happy
Welcome to Rajasthan!
Welcome to Rajasthan!
Image (1)
at the monsoon palace, the little sweet surprise by the hotel
photo (1)
with Richa… how pretty is she. : )
Had fun dosa for breakfast, went to an art shop after visiting the monsoon palace, and last night.. me just like that : )
photo (1) copy
Me standing very high on top of udaipur at monsoon palace, Richa mixing florals and leopard, today’s boat ride

Outfit :

Top : House of blondie
Pants, Shoes, Zara
Clutch: Accessorize

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