The Bedroom

bedroom candles
by my bedside

Sanjeev and I work from home on most days of the week. So I try to keep the rooms of my home a bit inspiring yet relaxing. I had been contemplating re-doing  our bedroom since many weeks now. I decided to go with the earthy tones this time. As much as I’d love to have white sheets at home, I don’t find them practical.

I like more soothing colors in the shades of taupes, pistachio, cream, sea blue, peaches etc for the bedroom. They sort of look peaceful to me. 

This was my thought process while doing the room. 🙂

  • I went with earthy toned for bedsheets, pillow covers etc. Added a bit of color by incorporating peach shade through pillows so that it does not get too brown(y).
  • Earlier we had two pillows in the room, I added two more. Great companions while reading.
  • There is an extra blanket kept on top of the duvet so that it comes handy for carrying it to the living room or just in case it gets too cold at night.
  • The little patterns on the duvet cover keep things a bit interesting around the room.
  •  I removed the bulky side table and got a lighter round table for the bed side. This helps keep the clutter away. Also, instead of a heavy side lamp, I went ahead with the candles. Love candles . 😀
  • On the bed is a breakfast table that we bought many years ago. That sort of compliments the wood of the bed and the side table.
I am yet to do the other elements of the room. I am pretty happy with how it has started. 🙂
So how is your bedroom? Would love to hear your ideas. 🙂

fabindia bedroom

fabindia mugs
Colorful mugs. Love how the wood of the table is ageing
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