The Little Black Book of Style

the little black book of style

I finished reading ‘The Little Black Book of Style’ by Nina Garcia a few days back and I quite enjoyed reading it. It is actually a fashion advice book. (Summary HERE) The books takes you through the basics of style. I personally felt that the book was quite basic in terms of the fashion lessons she could have provided. I felt that the book lacked majorly in terms of photographs. There were so many references of fashionable people in the book. Good photographs would have helped in making that instant connection with her words.

Overall, it is a very quick read. There is nothing major I gained from the book. It was however fun to read. It sort of helps you go through the basic must haves, must dos etc of the fashion. I finished reading it in one sitting so you know, I liked it. I think I was expecting much more but not bad. 🙂

You can definitely give it a go.

Thanks, Ritika. 🙂

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone. 🙂 What plans?

the little black book of style nina garcia

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