The Secret

the secret

I finished reading ‘The Secret’ a few days back. It is a self-help book. You may read the summary HERE .

I liked the book. I don’t believe in every word that is written in the book. But the book gives that faith and hope that ‘everything is possible’ in this world. It’s how badly you want a certain thing and how much are you willing to work for it. It teaches to be grateful and happy about what you have in your life at the moment. And, you can always achieve more. It’s all in the mind. 🙂

A good book and can be read again and again as a reminder that ‘Impossible is nothing’ 🙂

To me, the book sums up in one dialogue that SRK says in Om Shanti Om “Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai“. 😀

Anyway, how is the week coming along for you? 🙂 I might watch Heroine today, only for Kareena.

the secret book

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