The Small World!

nikasha anarkali


Hi Everyone, 🙂

I am so hungry and happy today. loll! How is the Karwachauth coming along for you all? 🙂

Last night while I was getting my Mehendi done, a girl came and sat next to me waiting for her turn. She turned out to be IMBB’s writer Shilpa and she recognized me. 😀 What next? We spent the next half and hour chatting while my mehendi wali scribbled (I mean it 😐) on my hand. It was a cute meeting. 🙂

I woke up this morning and did my sargi. That was the most motivating part of the day (apart from dressing up, of course 😛 ). Have to go for the puja in a while. And then the wait for the moon begins! Phew!

Have a great Karwachuath everyone and good luck. 🙂




orange anarkali

karwachauth dress

karwachauth 2012 outfit


Dress : Nikasha

Shoes : GK M Block Market

Jewelry : Mostly gold gifted by mom

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