The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva by Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor style diary of bollywood diva


Hiya Everyone 🙂

I have been so busy since I have come back from Dubai that yesterday night I almost passed out due to exhaustion. These days life is like Sanjeev and I travel for a few days and once we are back there is a ton of stuff to catch up with – meetings, banks, pending posts, phone calls, emails.. So it has been pretty insane for both of us the past week, especially. And while we are already planning for our next travel, it’s today  that I am feeling totally relaxed. I slept well. I can work at my own pace again. And I feel so good to be writing here.

Anyway, I finished reading ‘The Style diary of a Bollywood Diva by Kareena Kapoor’. I finished reading it on one sitting. Not that it was a super awesome book but it was a pretty average book and I could flip through the pages pretty fast. You can read the summary of the book HERE. If you like Kareena Kapoor, you would enjoy reading her rants but if you don’t like her, you’d get irritated by her self-obsessed-confessions. 😛 I loooved her gorgeous pictures in the book. I liked she encourages women to lead a healthy life and not dunk themselves in french freis no matter how yummy they taste. She was pretty open about her heath and workout routines. But other that a lot of parts were name droppings of the brands she endorses or very simple style advices, which you may have read at zillion other places.

On a different note Tanya Ghavri is Kareena’s and Sonam Kapoor’s stylist. I would love to read a style book by someone who made Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor the style icons.

Overall I feel the book is written in a very simple language, which makes sense because it is to cater to Kareena’s fans. Rochelle Pinto has helped her in writing the book. If you really like Kareena Kapoor, I guess you should pick up the book. But if you don’t, you can skip reading it. I like Kareena Kapoor so I didn’t mind reading the book.  I guess I’d give it a 3.5/5

Sharing some tid-bits from past week.

How are you guys doing? 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone.:)

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week feban old neckpiece that I have recently been obsessing over/ missing Dubai like nobody’s business/ loving the flowers blossoming around/ I am going on an official date with this boy once he turns 21. 😛  (btw that’s a fry dipped in ketchup in Auni’s hand that later got transferred on my blouse. I didn’t say a thing. Things you do for love.. sigh!!! 😀 ) 


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