The Undomestic Goddess

sophie kinsella undomestic goddess

I finished reading the Undomestic Goddess last night. God! I just want to close my eyes and give a huge bear hug to Samantha Sweeting. I think this book should be read by young & old and, men & women alike. Read the summary of the book HERE. I found the book so inspiring. It makes you sit back and think about what exactly you are doing in your life. It makes us aware of things around you that we miss to notice in our busy lives. Undomestic Goddess is one book I want to read, re-read, and keep it very close to my heart. The books sends out a message without being preachy. It’s fun. It’s light hearted (just like all Sophie Kinsella books). And it makes you laugh. Bang on! Can I give it 11/10? 😛

Have already started reading ‘Can you keep a Secret? ” 😀

And this is the lovely letter I received from Rama yesterday. This is for all of you who suggested the Sophie Kinsella books to me. I am glad I have been able to spread the happiness around. Yay! 🙂 Thanks Rama. mwwwaaah!

Dear Rati,

Firstly lots of hugs to you. 🙂

I came across your love and addiction to the “Shopaholic series” and I started reading the book.I’ve the habbit of reading books at work and believe me,I was laughing and smiling all alone at my desk with this book open in my laptop. 🙂

And one big reason for this mail is to thank you for letting people know about such a wonder book series.I love this os much and when ever i feel low,I read this and my mood perks up instantly.
I’ve spread the Shopaholic virus to my friends gang and the girls are loving it. 🙂

sophie kinsella the undomestic goddess review

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